Methamphetamine Addiction And Its Negative Effects

August 4, 2012 0 Comments

Meth is a stimulant drug that has serious negative effects on central nervous system (CNS). This drug can be taken in a pill form or in a powdered form by breathing in or injecting. Methamphetamine is one of the most horrible drugs to become addicted to. It is exceedingly habit forming because once ingested into the body, it makes the individual want more.

Crystal Meth in more condensed form is known as Ice or Glass. It received this name since it appears very clear like glass. This kind of Methamphetamine is greatly powerful and it is administered by smoking. The effects of Glass or Ice can last from a couple of hours and to about twenty hours. This condition of Meth does not have smell and color.

The ingestion of Meth affects the structure of the brain, most frequently the region that creates a chemical called dopamine. This compound is a neurotransmitter that plays an important task in pleasure and motivation. It is responsible for feelings of delight and for continually encouraging the actions that give those feelings. That’s why use of Methamphetamine is so easily habit forming, hard to overcome, and clarifies why it it is linked to dangerous sexual behavior. It should be kept in mind that food, sex and other rewarding things create dopamine.

Side effects of methamphetamine addiction:

Early symptoms of meth abuse comprise hyperactivity, increased sweating, fury, anxeity, periods of very long sleep (even more than 24 hours)

Symptoms of constant meth use include paranoia, depression, weight loss because of decreased appetite, high blood pressure, agitation, stroke, skin problems, cardiac problems.

The side effects the body will experience from abuse of methamphetamine will be several. When this drug is taken orally, it raises the heartbeat and blood pressure. The heartbeat becomes highly erratic and irregular. The feelings of intense thirstiness show up and problem with swallowing shows up. The kidneys hate Methamphetamine, the individual using Methamphetamine can barely urinate.

Long term intake causes skin diseases (such as swelling, welts, bumps, and infections), undernourishment conditions, wounds in stomach, and deficiency of vitamins disorders. It is also frequent to contact AIDS from the sharing of dirty needles with diseased people, other major heart and lung problems, and mental troubles with suicidal inclinations are most common. The patterns of talking become very rapid, slurred and garbled. The pupils of the Methamphetamine user become dilated.

The physical coordination of abuser is severely disturbed causing the addict to have problem with balance. Extremely high quantities of Crystal Meth can also cause an abuser to collapse of faint. If the drug is injected, suffereing from a high fever is another commonality.

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