Narcolepsy Treatment and Medications: There’s A Right One For All Patients

July 3, 2012 0 Comments

By Jommy P. Kendall

Narcolepsy treatment and medications are typically sought out by most people who are looking overcome their disorder and lead a more normal life. In average, 3 million others in the world have these same issues and are in need of treatment ideas too, however it is important to remember that one size doesn’t fit all, and that one treatment method may not work for you.

For the individual who seeks to lead a life free of harsh drugs or chemicals, it is important to understand that there are natural forms of narcolepsy treatment and medications that can be used to treat your symptoms. By creating a firm sleeping pattern, not working at night, taking regular naps and improving your diet, you can help to reduce the number of sleep incidents that you have Stay away from drugs, alcohol and nicotine products after you have been diagnosed, as these can exacerbate symptoms. Be sure to keep your peers and family knowledgeable about your disorder and to wear a medical bracelet so that others can be informed should something occur.

There are many people that are able to surpass their symptoms, simply by making these lifestyle changes and taking calming natural supplements daily. By creating a scheduled lifestyle, and even keeping a sleeping journal you can help yourself and your physician to control the number of involuntary sleep periods that you have. If you have not had success with these natural changes, then you can always go on to the medicinal side of treatment.

Narcolepsy treatment and medications are accessible from your physician, these prescriptions can help you to beat your symptoms and lead a better life. Central nervous system stimulants like Ritalin, are utilized to help promote wakefulness and increase the ability to concentrate in the individual during the daytime. Additionally, antidepressants can often help to reduce hallucinations because of sleep paralysis, like Prozac and Zoloft. However, patients should be well-informed of the side effects of many of these prescriptions, as some can cause other problems or lead to addiction, which does more harm than good to the individual.

Narcolepsy treatment and medications are available in a variety of types, so if you are not having the success that you feel you should be obtaining, there are always ways to help overcome the hold that this disorder may have on you. Before you know it, you can be living a life free from the fear of having to fret about feeling like you need sleep at the most inappropriate times.

It truly is uncommon to have the sleeping disorder, however it could be fatal and serious if it’s left without therapy. Read much more about narcolepsy medications and its effects in one’s life. Additional notes and concerns are expressed, visiting

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