Narcotic Drug Abuse And Its Proper Medication

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Nyquil is a kind of over-the-counter medicine which contains a combination of substances. It is selected to deal with signs caused by bronchitis, sinusitis, allergic reactions, flu as well as the cold virus. Nyquil is made up of dextromethorphan, acetaminophen, oral antihistamines and decongestants. Although Nyquil is safe when used as directed for short-term use, continuous use over time can pose a serious health risk. Some of the components in Nyquil may have long-term effects on the body.


Just about the most serious long-term results of Nyquil is dependence on the product. A lot of people just use the medicine in the short term or when necessary to help fight their allergy, cold and flu symptoms. Nyquil is commonly a risk-free product when ingested as directed. There are numerous individuals who misuse the drugs to get the high from taking excessive amounts of dextromethorphan.

Dextromethorphan works at suppressing the receptors in the mental faculties that regulate coughing. As soon as the pills are crushed or the gel is damaged on a tablet, the constituents are freed right away instead of slowly released. Based on CESAR or Center for Substance Abuse Research, when taken in high amounts higher than the advisable dosage on the package, nyquil addiction has been reported to create dissociative, psychedelic and euphoric side effects on the body. It might become addictive because of this, therefore many people seek the drugs to get high rather than treating their own cold or respiratory sickness.

Disease Complications

Another attainable long-term effect from taking Nyquil could be the affect it has on an root sickness. One of several ingredients in most of the Nyquil products contains high fructose corn syrup, a form of sugar. The 4 Nyquil liquefied drugs which includes Cold and Flu, Cough, D and Less Drowsy all contain the sweetener. The website advises those who have diabetic issues have to talk to their own personal doctor before taking Nyquil products. Excessive glucose intake could possibly increase blood glucose levels and change the volume of insulin or diabetic drugs had to bring glucose levels to a normal level. People who have intestinal blockages, bowel irregularity or bowel irregularity, may go through worsened symptoms and narcotic addict can interfere with treatment. It may also affect folks who suffer from hyperthyroidism, an enlarged prostate or urinary retention.

Liver Damage

A person experiencing any sort of liver disease or liver-related problem must use extreme caution when taking Nyquil. The product includes acetaminophen. This is usually a non-aspirin drugs that is utilized to relieve pain and eliminate fever. As reported by the Center for Substance Abuse Research, even in healthy patients without any liver problems, when they take high levels of acetaminophen, a long-term result may lead to liver damage.


The Nyquil website demonstrates that all pregnant and breast feeding women talk with their medical doctor before taking any of their products. Women who take any of the Nyquil cough syrups when pregnant pose a life threatening long-term health risk to their unborn baby. The explanation for this is they all consist of alcohol as an ingredient. The antihistamines in Nyquil can lead to convulsions and difficulty in breathing in-utero. Even after the child is born, it may leak into breastmilk in case the mom is taking the medicine for an illness or abusing the medicine. Similar negative effects she feels from the medication can also be passed on to the little one.

Vital Sign Changes

In accordance with the Center for Substance Abuse Research, Nyquil could have a long-term effect on vital signs for as much as 6 hours after the product is ingested. It can increase blood pressure and heartbeat. In some instances it can cause tachycardia or an excessive heartbeat over 120 beats per minute. Resulting from increased pulse rate and blood pressure level, users might also encounter an anxiety attack.

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