Narcotics Abuse: Information Which You Must Know

July 10, 2012 0 Comments

Demerol is a narcotic which can be habit forming, thus, must be used only when prescribed by a doctor. This drug has a direct correlation to human life because it is utilized to alleviate pains. But improper use of Demerol can cause bad side effects that will lead to demerol addiction.

Demerol has effects on an individual’s nervous system to let the brain think that the pain is gone and is replaced with the high feeling. It can be administered orally or intravenously but it only has a short-lived effect. This will imply that patients will begin to have frequent Demerol doses to lower the pain continuously.

Symptoms and Side Effects

As patients may request more doses, no matter what the condition will be, it’s ideal to identify the signs and symptoms of the Demerol addiction’s onset in the early stages. This will ensure the effectiveness of the received therapy. Many people who have been addicted to Demerol denies their problem and do not see the issue. This would cause more cravings for the drug and in this case, the abuser wouldn’t agree on a treatment for his demerol addict.

A Demerol abuser will have signs and symptoms like bowel problems, nausea, excessive sweating, respiratory system depression, vomiting, lightheadedness, hallucinations, circulatory depression, sedation and dry mouth. When overdosed, Demerol can lead to circulatory relapse, cardiac arrest and sudden death.

Treatments for Demerol Abuse

When a Demerol abuser suddenly withdraws from the drug, he will experience severe issues including bone and muscle pains, anxiety, nausea and vomiting. Because of this, they will need the strong help of their family who can find expert assistance for them. Loved ones of abusers should find a home treatment plan which can make the treatment procedure faster and easier. The treatment center should provide a good combination of chemical imbalance modifications and psychological assessments to help the individual control his cravings and abuse on Demerol. The therapy should also determine the true cause of the addiction and treat the potential biochemical modifications which have to do with it. There are treatment centers which offer a holistic rehab approach that focuses on the emotional, physical and religious needs of the addict.

Treatment of Demerol addiction is a continuous and long-term treatment. This must be started with a detox to remove all traces of the illegal drugs of the sufferer. But, this procedure alone isn’t effective to treat the abuse as this should be paired with other therapy factors that will make the recovery effective.

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