Non-Traditional Alcohol And Drug Treatment Designed For Abusers

June 24, 2012 0 Comments

For many years, alcoholism and drug addiction are issues affecting families and communities around the world. Both are among the top causes of accidents and crimes today, thus alcoholics and substance abuse patients are cured at drug and alcohol treatment facilities for rehabilitation.

Alcohol and drug addictions affect numerous substance abusers as well as their families. For this reason, rehabilitation facilities and support groups provide conventional treatment for abusers. However, many non-traditional methods have been effective and successful in managing and rehabilitating alcoholics and substance abusers. This article highlights the unconventional therapy for addicts.

Non-traditional alcoholism and drug abuse treatment include:

1. Empowerment – Despite the claims of the healthcare community that alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases, diverse non-traditional drug treatment centers dispute their diagnosis. Apart from using step-by-step procedure or medications, many treatment centers succeeded in utilizing mind power to overcome drug addiction. With this method, alcoholics and drug addicts are triumphant in correcting their poor decision-making and living a better life.

2. Holistic Healing – Nowadays, there are several drug and alcohol treatment centers that concentrate on holistic treatment for addiction. The holistic and unconventional treatment methods include steam rooms or sauna detoxification, low carbohydrate diets to rejuvenate and repair damage cells in your body and promote good eating habits. This therapy also allows martial arts training to augment self-confidence.

3. Hypnotherapy – Hypnosis is an effective approach used by psychiatrists and hypnotists in drug and alcohol therapy facilities to change the desire of patients for alcohol or drugs. This approach found to be efficacious in motivating substance abusers to abstain from craving and utilizing illegal substances. Moreover, hypnotherapy is also utilized after the first cessation period to strengthen positive behavior.

4. Quick Treatment – Unlike the traditional treatment method which requires several months of healing, short-term or quick treatment is the opposite. For this reason, this method is one of the famous non-traditional treatments utilized in treatment centers like outpatient examinations which usually entail several times weekly and week-long inpatient scheme. Today, there are lots of drug and alcohol treatment centers that offer online counseling.

5. Moderation – This approach is totally different from complete abstinence because it allows drug addicts and alcoholics to limit their usage of prohibited drugs and substances. It also evaluates their motives for utilizing illegal substances. Moreover, prescription drugs are available to aid them achieve moderation levels.

The unconventional therapy for abusers mentioned beforehand are tested and proven to rehabilitate and treat substance abusers and alcoholics.

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