O2 Optix Can Make Near-Sighted Dreams Come True

July 13, 2012 0 Comments

Women have so many good reasons to hate wearing glasses. Even the widest frames compromise peripheral vision, and they can pinch around the ears and nose, or leave red marks on the face. Sunglasses are a real problem; one must choose between clip-ons-and only the most expensive don’t look ridiculous-or prescription sunglasses, which are great if they don’t mind constantly switching glasses every time the clouds move. Glasses get dirty and scratched, sacrificing purity of vision, and that can cause headaches or wrinkles from squinting. Worst of all, no matter how lovely the frames-if, for instance, one has decided to completely sacrifice peripheral vision-no one looks quite as good in glasses as they do without them. The obvious solution is contact lenses, but some people think this is no solution at all, because they’ve never tried the breathable lenses like O2 Optix.

For many near-sighted women, contacts were first attempted in junior high school. It was so exciting when they’d finally convinced their parents that they were old enough to remember to clean them regularly and not lose them or damage their eyes with them. The trip to the eye doctor, where they got fitted with the lenses and learned the cleansing ritual, made it seem so simple. No one had red eyes in the pictures on the office walls. Then came the daydreams about how everyone would react when they walked into school, free of glasses and looking like a million bucks. In those daydreams, cute boys swooned and popular girls suddenly wanted to be their friend, never before having noticed how attractive and clever they were. Unfortunately, the lenses were often the old-fashioned type, and nothing went as planned. They felt okay there in the doctor’s office, and that first morning before school they seemed great. An hour in, however, her eyes were red and watering, and the school debut mostly involved people asking if something horrible had happened as her carefully applied mascara ran down her face. Some girls tried to stick it out, rinsing the lenses several times a day, but many realized that glasses-with all their faults-were better than constant stinging and blood-shot eyes.

For years or even decades after these failed attempts, women often think of themselves as people who simply can’t wear contact lenses. They try to find frames that fit their face, squint in the sun because they don’t want to bother with sunglasses, and wear massive amounts of eye makeup in the hopes it will help their eyes show up at all. They resign themselves to a life with glasses. The lucky women, however, are the ones who pay attention when people talk about how contact lenses have changed. They listen when their friends say they can wear contacts without pain, and they read the ads in magazines that talk about what a difference breathable lenses make. They ask their doctors, and they find out the truth: contact lenses like O2 Optix will allow them to enjoy the benefits of contacts without the pain.

It’s like a revelation, the day a long-time glasses wearer ventures out in pain-free contact lenses. No heavy glasses weighing down the face, needing to be pushed up every two seconds, and no burning blood-shot eyes, either. Few women can resist going shopping for sunglasses on that first day, finally buying all the fun fashionable styles she had previously only been able to admire on others. Best of all is the self-confidence it brings, as she knows she is presenting to the world her face as it really should look-not half-covered with clunky glass and metal. Everyone notices she’s prettier than usual, either because they can finally see her sparkling eyes, or because of the smile she can’t keep off her face.

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