People Suffering With Chronic Pain Turn To Compounding Pharmacies For Relief

June 12, 2012 0 Comments

Compounding pharmacies are the old made new again. Before the introduction of mass-produced drugs, all medicines were made to order by trained professionals. However, since Big Pharma took over, most pharmacists have turned out to be little more than pill-counters and only those druggists who operate specialty pharmacies now tailor-make meds and treatments for patients.

One of the many reasons for the accelerated growth of these shops is pain management. Although there are literally hundreds of over-the-counter analgesics to ease short-term pain like pulled muscles and headaches, there aren’t many pills or potions that can deal effectively with the persistent pain of serious health problems. Both OTC and prescriptions that treat such ailments as migraine headaches, arthritis and fibromyalgia usually have undesirable side effects, frequently caused by the fillers, additives and other agents that may trigger allergies and other adverse reactions.

Medications sold at regular drugstores and at the supermarket are made for the “average” individual, employing a one-size-fits-all formula. Very few of us conform to the standards set by the manufacturing company, so that our particular set of symptoms or needs is seldom fully met by these medications. Conversely, compounding pharmacies and our prescribing doctors are aware of our individual needs and take such factors as age, weight, gender, allergies and other factors into account.

Furthermore, many individuals, especially the very young and the elderly, are not able to swallow capsules or pills and need alternate methods to deliver pain management medicines. Specialty pharmacists can personalize them for all individual needs, putting them into formulations of ointments, foams, suppositories, patches and even, for the youngsters, lollipops. Because each patient is treated as an individual, compounding pharmacies are acutely conscious of potential negative effects of drug interaction and all the vagaries of both the prescription ingredients and the patients to whom they’re prescribed.

Although pain management may seem a bit more costly when using a compounding pharmacy, the minor difference in price is more than worthwhile, considering how much more effective and less likely to be dangerous these customized medications are than the mass-produced medications available at the local corner drug store or grocery store. As increasing numbers of individuals are realizing the dangers of swallowing whatever the big companies manufacture without question, specialty pharmacies are growing in popularity every day, as well they should. Chronic pain is no joke, and the right pharmacist can offer solutions that can go a long way toward enhancing the quality of life for people suffering painful conditions.

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