Play It Safe With HGH Supplements And Avoid Serious Side Effects!

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HGH supplements have been used extensively for some time to lose weight. HGH has been shown to works well when it comes to decreasing the amount of adipose tissue in your body. Getting thinner is beneficial to your entire body both the inside and outside. Because every system in your body is connected and dependent on each other, reducing your weight can only make you feel healthier and fitter.

HGH Injections Are Costly

You can get HGH supplements in pill form or in spray form. The spray form is absorbed much more quickly but both kinds of supplements are effective. HGH injections however must be obtained through your doctor. Between the doctor and lab visits that are required to get an HGH prescription, you can expect quite a bill. HGH supplements are a fraction of the cost of HGH injections and do not need a prescription and can be bought online easily.

Natural HGH Supplements Are Proven To Be Safer

Based on facts found at hghhelp if you are only taking HGH to look younger and maybe lose couple of pounds and are not suffering from a serious condition like AIDS wasting or a total lack of Somatropin then taking an HGH releaser might just do the job.
Genf20 Plus, Provacyl and GHR1000 are three well respected HGH supplements that come in the form of pills. Sytropin another product is an HGH supplement that comes in a spray form and is readily absorbed by the oral mucosa. If you don’t suffer from a serious HGH deficiency and are only using it for cosmetic reasons you don’t need to get the expensive injections to reap the benefits of HGH.

HGH injections must be taken under the supervision of a doctor because of their substantial side effects profile. Some of the side effects include tingling or a numb feeling in any part of the hand from wrist to fingertips, swelling, nausea and vomiting, itching in the injection site, carpal tunnel Acromegaly and much more. Imagine getting an injection of HGH and a few minutes later your injection site starts to itch or hurt and you are totally uncomfortable for hours or perhaps even days. This could be avoided by taking a natural HGH releaser.

Fastest Is Not Always Safest

Unless you are taking HGH for a medical reason, you can easily choose an oral supplement rather than the injections. Still there is a big advantage of taking injections over pills, and that is the time it takes for the benefits to start showing because injections act faster than pills. It will take about two to three weeks to get the proper loading dose of HGH pills into your body before you get the full benefit of the hormone. Injections act almost immediately. There is a drawback, however overdoses can occur much easier than with supplements in pill and spray forms.

Infections Can Occur

Whenever you have any injection for whatever reason, there is the risk of infection at the injection site. If any bacteria are introduced into your skin, you could be subjected to a lengthy treatment with antibiotics. Some bacteria today, like MRSA (methicillin resistant staph. aureus) are extremely resistant to antibiotics. In extreme circumstances, resistance to antibiotics could result in amputations. What is more, you could be subject to an overdose which will result in a glucose imbalance in your body. At first you would experience hypoglycemia which would eventually change into hyperglycemia, i.e. diabetes.

Wrong Dosages Will Do More Harm

Taking too much of HGH can also cause a condition called Acromegaly which can cause a distortion of the face, hands, feet and thorax. This may be reversible, but only in part, with long term treatment. Despite costly treatment, there will most likely always remain a residual increase in thickness of facial bones.

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