Premature Ejaculation Control- Even Last Longer Than Her!

July 16, 2012 0 Comments

Exactly what would it mean to you if you could outlast your lovely lady in bed? I’m not only talking about once or twice but every time you wanted. That may seem a little far-fetched to you right now but rest assured me it could be more than just a fantasy. As you quite possibly know, practically half of all guys experience the embarrassment of not lasting longer than a couple of minutes and folks even make jokes about the’ 2 minute wonder’! If this describes your circumstance you’ll be pleased to know that you are not by yourself and there is a pemanent solution available. So if you want to last longer in bed and give her the pleasure of her life, continue reading.

Here are 3 techniques to convert you into a ‘long distance’ guy instead of a ‘sprinter’.

#1 – Use more lubrication

In spite of what many say, using additional lubricant will impede your ejaculation just because it decreases the friction between your organs. This then lowers your sexual sensitivity and delivers a signal to the brain to hold back. So always keep that tube of K-Y near by!

# 2 – Wear a condom

Of course this is solid advice for safe sex regardless, but also beneficial for lowering sensitivity during love-making. There are also specialty condoms available for climax control that will help you step up your stamina when most needed.
# 3 – Make her climax sooner

The true meaning of early ejaculation is that the man doesn’t last long enough to enable his companion to orgasm. That could be easily remedied by getting her to climax faster. Exactly how? Simply focus more on foreplay. Women talk about this continuously. How men just prefer to ‘make love’ and roll over and go to sleep! But foreplay is a very significant element of lovemaking for a woman and builds her arousal levels much faster. This will lead to her arriving at a climax a lot earlier than you could envision.

Having said all that, the permanent method to stop PE is to be aware of all of the physical and psychological reasons that cause it and to increase your limit of sensitivity with training and conditioning. When you have full control over your trigger points you can last as long as you want and even produce multiple orgasms for you and your companion.

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