Preventing Muscle Cramps: Tips and Tricks

August 25, 2012 0 Comments

We’ve all gotten muscle spasms or cramps before. Many of us have been woken up in the middle of the night by an unexplainable leg cramp or charley horse that lingers around for a minute or two, others have suffered from excruciatingly painful cramps that happen in the middle of exercise or stretching. Whatever the case may be, it’d be great to get rid of them. I’ve tried it all, so keep reading to learn what will probably work for you and why.

When one of the muscles in your body begins to cramp up, there are a number of things that might be the cause. The first and likely most obvious possibility is that of dehydration. Without enough liquids, your body has trouble bringing the necessary oxygen to your muscles, and this can cause or worsen the cramping you are experiencing.

Basic Tips for Preventing Leg Cramps

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you experience night leg cramps, consider drinking a tall glass before going to bed. You may have to wake up and use the bathroom, but at least you won’t wake up in excruciating pain and panic.

Quite a few different vitamins and minerals (and a lack thereof) are thought to prevent, cause or contribute to common muscle cramping. Magnesium and potassium are two major minerals when it comes to preventing cramps.

Often times, cramps in your legs are actually caused by a certain contortion or stretching that you do involuntarily while you are asleep, but this does not mean that stretching should be avoided. Muscles that are regularly stretched and taken care of will not cramp as often as a neglected muscle, so get your exercise and do your stretches!

Contrary to what some would call “common sense”, many marathon runners and bicyclists maintain that a bag of Doritos or similar salty snack is all they need to keep their legs from cramping during strenuous activity. People that exercise all the time may need to include a little bit of salt into their diet. Just remember that these people exercise for hours on and, and probably provide their body with tons of water. They also sweat a ton of water (and salt) out, so this will probably only apply to those that are at least in good shape.

The exact approach you should take to ending your muscle cramping depends on when your cramps seem to be occurring. Cramps during exercise are likely your body’s way of telling you that your muscles are being pushed too hard for their current health and condition

If, however, you seem to be getting muscle cramps while you are sleeping or resting, then you probably need to provide your body with something more than you are already. Try to go over the above points a few times and start making changes today.

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