Preventing Pain Reliever Abuse

July 20, 2012 0 Comments

It is important to get to know Vicodine and how it can cause serious addiction. Vicodine is commonly used for treating coughs and as an analgesic. This particular drug can be taken in capsules, syrup or tablets. However, some individuals have continually abused this medication for reasons besides treating pain or cough. There are many vicodin side effects which needs to be given attention to avoid the case from getting worse.

Of course, taking vicodin would often begin when prescribed by the physician to treat pain but the longer an individual takes it after the main problem has been treated, an addiction starts by then. The addict would start to take higher amounts or doses than directed. They may even attempt to get prescriptions from different physicians just to be able to get hold of the drug and satisfy their craving for it. Many symptoms like sleep problems, muscle pains, and night sweats may occur if they try to stop the use. Other effects of this drug are euphoria, anxiety, stomach pain, dizziness, sleepiness and inability to concentrate. Vicodin can cause complications in the abdominal part or the lungs.

Treatment is available for Vicodin addiction. There are rehabilitation centers that can readily give assistance and extend their help to those having drug addiction. Detoxification may be required at first since a person using this drug for a long time may have already developed tolerance and the drug must be cleared from their system before further therapy is done. A detox procedure may be very hard and painful for the patient but is highly necessary for them to recover from it. Once this is done, a counsellor may advice the patient in dealing with the psychological parts of the addiction. Treatment is always considered for each individual helping them to fully break free from the habit and making sure that they will not go back to it again.

There are threats involved when Vicodin is misused. The vicodin side effects can cause health issues beyond one can imagine. This drug contains a high amount of acetaminophen which can damage the liver. This is very fatal for the addict. Aside from the side effects mentioned, comatose, heart attack, respiratory depression and death are the worst effects of this drug. Don’t wait for this to happen. Ask for professional help right away if you know someone needing treatment from Vicodin addiction.

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