Psychoactive Medicine: What You Must Know

July 11, 2012 0 Comments

Uppers or psychoactive medications target the central nervous system to stimulate mental and body functions. Those who take this particular drug feel a better sense of wakefulness and alertness for a period of time depending on the dose. These drugs are mainly intended as medication for certain mental disorders to help stabilize a person’s life and make it more productive and useful in the society. One characteristic of psychoactive medicines is that they have potential to cause dependence and addiction. The great sense of well being makes these medicines highly attractive to users with intentions that are not for treatment but for recreation.

Concerta is a psychoactive drug primarily intended for treating ADHD patients, narcolepsy and at times to cure overweight patients. Concerta intake helps ADHD patients gain more concentration towards learning, keeps narcoleptic patients awake during day time and lessens appetite for overweight patients. Like other psychoactive drugs, Concerta can cause drug dependence and tolerance. Extended use of the drug and over dosage can cause dangerous effects in the body. That is why a doctor’s prescription should be strictly followed to obtain positive results from treatment.

Recreational users of Concerta are up for the arousing effects it brings to the user. A profound sense of alertness, mental focus and strength make this medication highly demanded by illicit users. Another reason for its being popular among users is that it aids younger ladies lose weight quickly and at the same time not feel weak when under the influence of the drug. signs of an addiction to concerta are helpful to determine individuals who are already addicted to the drug. Denial and avoiding questions are typical among addicted individuals. A greater need and aggressive behavior towards obtaining the medication are also seen among them. Weakness and body pains are felt when intake of the drug is stopped. These are called withdrawal signs and for many, they can be really painful.

The rate of Concerta addiction is growing especially among young adults. The appealing notion which it can improve vigor and focus are exciting for these users and they ignore the attached side effects after withdrawal from the drug. When there is drug dependence, one solution is available. Concerta addiction treatment can be found and it must begin with the person involved. Denial is common among addicts and users. Family and friends should be conscious of the severity of addiction in order to help an individual overcome this problem. Opening up to a friend or family is already an indication that an individual is ready and wants to rearrange his life.

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