Realizing The Severity Of The Abuse Is Half The Battle Won

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A chronic addict requires twenty four hours monitoring and must be admitted as an inpatient in drug treatment centers. The individual must undergo the detoxification process and be medicated at the same time to manage the withdrawal symptoms. The programs that are carried out at the drug treatment centers are structured to adhere to a routine rigid format. The person must learn how to cope with the signs and symptoms in a new setting of given help. The individual may stay at a rehab facility for a minimum time period of 4 weeks, although it is advisable to stay for no less than six months to get over the dependency.

The treatment plans for inpatients include detoxing where he discovers how to abstain from the drug abuse and deal with the signs and symptoms, which may include inability to eat suitable foods, discomfort and difficulty in coping with the situation. The body has to gradually return to normal as soon as all traces of the alcohol abuse are removed from the sufferer’s body. Since this procedure is difficult for the sufferer to deal with, there are chances of him attempting to escape from the therapy center to avoid the treatment. The rules laid down at this point might be stringent. They need to go through evaluation tests to make sure that they are able to manage this kind of treatment before they are admitted to the facility.

The patient has to go through several therapy programs at the rehabilitation facility.

One of the therapies provided is group therapy. The sufferer learns to discuss his problem with other individuals in the group or support members and learn to build his life again in society with their support.

Another therapy is known as the reality therapy where the individuals are taught to accept the situation they are in and to try to learn to deal with the things they cannot have.

During the therapy for cognitive behavior, the sufferer learns to control their actions.

The psychotherapist works together with the individual to find out the reasons for the sufferer’s yearning for alcohol and helps them to realize when they are in denial. He determines their present situation and give them overall care and support.

In the event the members of the family are able to provide help, they become involved with the aftercare therapy and learn how to deal with a recovering abuser when he gets back to the family.

Rehabilitation takes a long time and an individual must be willing to undergo the entire therapy. This will enable him to get back to leading a normal life because he is free of the alcohol addiction.

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