Recipes That Promote Healthy Skincare

August 6, 2012 0 Comments

One has to understand that taking care of the skin should be a natural process. One does not have to put in a lot of effort to maintain a healthy looking skin. This can be achieved by following a few basic skin care routine procedures. These can be done by yourself without leaving the comforts of your home. These products can be made by using the various ingredients that are available in the kitchen.

These products are highly effective and when incorporated into the daily routine will help in the long term maintenance of the skin. As one ages the skin tends to lose its elasticity and this gives rise to wrinkles and fine lines. But by taking care of the skin from an early age one can slow down the ageing process. Here are some of the recipes that can help you maintain a supple and smooth skin.

There are several cosmetic products that aim at promoting the facial care segment. But the fact remains that cosmetic products contain chemicals that may not be good for the skin. There is no need to risk the health of the skin when one can whip up face creams, lotions and toners at home. These can be made by using ingredients like almond or oat powder that proves to be great in making scrubs. One can use mint and lime as astringents or toners that will help soothe the skin.

The nails and cuticle also form an important part of our appearance. Hence one has to put in the effort to care for them as well. The process of creating nail care products using natural ingredients is extremely simple. If you have olive oil or coconut creams handy make sure to apply it to the nails and the cuticle area before going to bed. When you wake up you will find that your n ails look much stronger and the cuticles do not give you that ugly appearance.

The natural skin care recipes for body protection can be made at home. One can used equal portions of coconut oil, curd and lime and made a lotion out of it. This works more like a cleanser that can be used after washing away the soap. Rinse it off with warm water. This will help in maintaining the moisture level in the body and will facilitate in the repair work, thus making your skin more beautiful.

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