Risks Of Cocaine Abuse: Significance Of Immediate Intervention

July 14, 2012 0 Comments

Crack cocaine refers to the processed cocaine with ammonia or baking soda that is converted into a rock form and is more smokable and potent. When smoked, it gets to the human brain quicker than when administered in any other ways. The number of risks associated to the use of this drug indicates the need to immediately treat crack cocaine addiction.

Dealing with addiction to crack cocaine can be done in a number of ways depending on the severity of the addiction. Smoking this illegal drug will give the user instant and extreme but short-lived high which can last up to fifteen minutes. Those who have been utilizing the drugs for some time already will need to be treated with medical help in an inpatient facility while those who’ve just began with the addiction can go for an outpatient therapy.

It’s important to identify the withdrawal signs and symptoms that come with crack cocaine use in order to deal with the appropriate intervention. These symptoms include extreme physical cravings for crack cocaine, despair, irritability, anxiety, vomiting and nausea. In most cases, the patient will be given with medications to ease the symptoms.

While those who’ve abuse of crack cocaine are expected to have physical abuse, they can’t find a perfect medicinal alternative to treat this addiction. As some people who’re addicted to heroin can be treated by using methadone, crack addicts couldn’t find an equivalent for crack. This suggests the importance of treatment to track and assist the withdrawal of the patient.

Those who do not find it easy to look for a placement in an addiction treatment center, they can seek the help of support groups like the Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous chapter. These groups have counselors who’ll advise families on the right way to intervene with an addicted family member and help him in overcoming their withdrawal symptoms.

Families can also get in touch with a mental health center in their area to know about available therapy programs for people who’ve crack addiction. They can use their health insurance plan to cover some prohibitive costs. However, those who can afford can bring their loved one to a private treatment facility to avoid being in the waiting list of local facilities.

Addiction to crack cocaine is very strong so it is essential for concerned families to give immediate intervention to their addicted loved one. This would include convincing the addict to undergo treatment through the help of a counselor and some friends as well as family members.

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