Running Technique – Tips for Runners With Flat Feet

July 26, 2012 0 Comments

By Judy Mick

Not all runners are blessed with perfect, normal feet. There are many runners out there that have flat feet – which mean that they have fallen arches. And for these runners, running can be painful. Read on for tips on how runners with flat feet can learn to run pain free.

Getting the correct running shoe for your foot type is important for all runners; however it is critical for flat-footed runners. Make sure that you go to a running store and get fitted properly. The salesperson will show you shoes that are made to help runners with fallen arches. Without the proper running shoe, the rest of these tips really won’t matter.

While you are at the running store, you also want to invest in a good pair of insoles for your shoes. The running shoes will have an insole in them, but runners will flat feet need a little more support and a little more elevation that in the shoe originally. The salesperson will help you to find the correct insole for your foot and that fits inside your shoe properly. Most insoles last the same amount of time as your shoes do. So, whenever you replace your shoes, you want to replace your insoles, also.

Make sure that you are stretching after your runs. You want to stretch your arches, also. A great exercise for this is to lay a towel down on the floor under your feet. Try to lift the towel with your toes. This is a great exercise to strengthen those fallen arches.

Even with your stretching exercises, good shoes and insoles for the first few days, your feet will hurt during your runs. You need to stay mentally tough to work through them. Now, just do easy short runs at first. After a while, you’ll notice that your runs are getting easier and easier. One day, you’ll realize that you are not feeling any pain in your feet as you run.

It’s important to replace your running shoes every 300-400 miles for all runners. With flat feet, it is important to be aware of your shoes as you near that mileage. If you start feeling some pain again in your feet – your shoes are probably beginning to break down and it is time to replace them.

Many runners with flat feet think that they will never run without pain in their feet. However, it is possible if you just follow the above tips and keep listening to your body.

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