Running Tips – Other Reasons To Run A Road Race

June 22, 2012 0 Comments

By Judy Mick

Running a road race is a great way for runners to test themselves as they go along. Newer runners can test their fitness levels – seasoned runners can try new and longer distances. Road races are great for keeping you motivated with your running by setting and achieving racing goals. However there are other reasons to run a road race. Here are a few of my favorites.

A wonderful reason to run a road race is to run for a charity. Millions of dollars are raised every year by those running for their favorite organizations. From the American Cancer Society to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – you can find an organization that raises funds through runners. What are you passionate about? Look on their website and see if they have any events you can run in. Also, look at the entry forms of races that you do. They may have charities that you can benefit your running.

Another great thing to do is to help a runner newer than you get ready for their first race. You can offer to run with them in training – and maybe even run with them during the race. It makes you feel great to get someone ready for race day. If you like, you can run the race with your protégé at their pace. And, it’s a super feeling to see their face as they cross the finish line!

A super reason to run races is for the camaraderie. I used to run with a group of friends. We would travel to races together – whether close by or out of town. If it was close enough to drive the morning of – we’d carpool and have a great time! We would get each other pumped up on the drive to the race and then on the way back we’d recap the race. Then there are the runners that you only see at races that may live out of town. It’s always fun to catch back up with them.

With your running friends you can also run relay races. There are many races around now that a certain person will run just a portion of the race and other team members run their portions. This is another great way to build camaraderie and friendships.

My favorite reason to run races now is destination races. I’ll pick a race or two a year that is out of town in places where I’d like to have a mini-vacation. This is a fantastic way to keep the motivation up for your running. I live where it’s colder in the winter, so I always plan a race in a warmer climate in January or February.

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