Semi-Synthetic Analgesic Caution Of Potential Addiction

June 25, 2012 0 Comments

Buprenorphine is a semi-synthetic analgesic drug commonly used during the detoxification process of opioid addiction treatment. Aside from this, buprenorphine is also utilized as a pain killer to individuals with mild to severe chronic pain. Pain symptoms may happen due to illness or post operation. When pain tolerance is minimal, a prescription of utilizing this medication is given by a physician to relieve the discomfort of patients.

Same as other opioid medicine, buprenorphine has addictive potential. This means that over time, a person may get dependent on using this drug even if symptoms of pain are no longer felt. The abuse of this medication is common in Scandinavia, much higher usage has been reported compared to heroin, cocaine and ecstasy. This medicine can be purchased in tablet form. Most of those who use this drug ingest it but addicts prefer to inhale it in powder form or dissolved it in a solution then inject it. The euphoric effects are somewhat higher in insufflations and injections according to patients. Common street terms of this drug include Sibs, Subs, Box, Oranges and Bups. This particular drug can be purchased illicitly by using these terms among those hooked on it.

Since buprenorphine is commonly used as a medication treatment for opioid addiction, treating this addiction is a bit complicated. How can a treatment medicine be an actual source of addiction? Treatment for an addiction from buprenorphine is available and is considered similar to the remedy for other opioid addiction. It is best that consultation and assessment by physicians be done in order to properly determine the degree of addiction. Duration of treatment may differ from one person to another and therefore no general criteria are imposed. Cases of drug tolerance to buprenorphine are minimal due to its high potency. A small amount of the drug can be used and serious effects can come to users.

What happens if a person is addicted to buorenorphine? Signs of an addiction to buprenorphine include psychological and behavioral changes in a person. Individuals hooked on this drug show greater aggression towards using it so as to feel the euphoric effects. A change in mode of intake is also manifested. Junkies prefer to use the powder form of this drug and sniff it or take the drug intravenously to get optimum elation effects. Other signs could include depression, muscle tremors, anxiety, nausea and vomiting. As a semi-synthetic opioid drug, similar signs or symptoms manifested from other opioid abusers can also be present in a buprenorphine addict.

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