Should You Workout During a Juice Diet?

July 31, 2012 0 Comments

Often people wonder if it’s a smart idea to exercise during a juice fast. They want to know if they will have the right amount of energy to workout without doing damage. Honestly, the body tends to have more energy than it does while eating normally. This surplus of energy is just one of the unique reasons for doing a juice fast.

It goes without saying that we must set some guidelines and practice common sense. it would be a bad idea to train for a marathon for instance while on a juice detox. This type of exercise is extremely challenging and requires a lot of calories, calories you just won’t be getting on a juice cleanse. So, forgo CrossFit or lifting heavy weights and try some less challenging exercises that will keep your body moving and help release those toxins.

Here are four of the most perfect exercises to do along with your juice fast.


Well you knew I was going to include this exercise. And that’s because walking is the most natural way our bodies move. A brisk walk will increase your heart rate to that optimum spot and get your blood pumping. You might notice you feel even more energized as you continue to walk because your juice diet is letting you use the energy generally reserved for digestion. Go get ’em champ, try that steep hill you normally walk past – you may find this new energy will get you to the top.


Going for a swim is just an awesome way to exercise while you’re on a juice fast. It is so gentle on your joints, works all of your major muscle groups, including your abs, and is so calming yet fun.

Try Yoga

Yoga is an incredible way to stretch your body gently and keep your muscles toned as well. Bikram yoga in particular is great because its’ practiced in very warm rooms causing you to sweat even more than you normally would. This is great for getting those toxins out of your body that your juice cleanse is helping you release.

Jump Up and Down

Rebounding is my most favorite exercise on the planet and the one when used in conjunction with your juice cleanse, can bring around the biggest benefits. If you’re not familiar with rebounding, think back to the old days when you could spend night and day jumping on the trampoline. That’s rebounding, except instead of a large trampoline in your backyard, you jump on a portable trampoline anywhere in your house – as long as it’s in a room with high ceilings!

Rebounding has been named “the greatest exercise ever devised by man,” according to NASA – and they use it in their training programs. Rebounding is the single real exercise that has the ability to flush your lymphatic system, again, helping you get rid of built-up toxins. Another benefit is because your body is being subjected to 3-5Gs (gravitational force) every time you go up and down, every single cell in your body is strengthened at the exact same time. And yet, it’s a riot to do, and doing it along with your juice cleanse is a super way to stay fit.

So, is working out a good idea while you’re on a juice detox? Of course! Just make sure to use some common sense.

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