Signs And Symptoms Of Narcotic Analgesic Abuse

July 2, 2012 0 Comments

There are a several kinds of drugs prescribed by doctors to cure certain types of illnesses. Because these drugs can only be acquired when given by doctors, this means that it can pose serious health problems if taken beyond doctor’s orders. Take for example Percocet. This particular drug is used to manage pain from injury or surgery. Some individuals tend to take it even though they no longer require it. This is the beginning of an addiction which can cause serious problems. There are several side effects and symptoms from percocet that should be given proper attention.

Signs and symptoms when taking Percocet can range from mild to severe depending on the individuals case and length of taking that medicine. The more obvious side-effects include drowsiness, blurry eyesight, nausea, bowel problems, vomiting and euphoria. These symptoms are present as an addiction begins to form with Percocet. When an overdose occurs, more harmful symptoms like respiratory depression, high blood pressure, skin irritations, cardiac arrest and comatose can happen. Percocet can also interact with other medications if combined. If taken with alcohol, tranquilizers and some other painkillers, it can bring about more problems and have a higher-level of effect to the user.

An addiction can happen after two or three weeks of use. It is quick to sink in the system and individual can develop that constant craving for the drug. Anyone hooked to it may continue to seek for that medicine any way he can even if it can cause much trouble. There’s no easy way out of it especially if there is no intervention. Percocet is very addictive and treatment is necessary to stop the use of this medication.

If you know someone who is taking this particular medicine, there are side effects from percocet to look out for to determine if this person is already addicted to it. Never allow this kind of addiction to worsen because various problems can start to accumulate which can cause both mental and physical illnesses. It is right to seek professional help when it starts to get out of control. Recovering from Percocet abuse may require a specific treatment plan wherein the patient can go through counselling, withdrawal period and other methods recommended by the doctor.

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