Signs of Premature Aging – How to Reverse It

July 1, 2012 0 Comments

The process of aging starts as soon as we are born and its effect is obvious in our bodies during the course of our lives. The signs of aging begin to become visible once we reach the age of 20. The genetic program of aging causes alteration in elastin and collagen which are connective tissues that provide elasticity and firmness to our skin. The chronological aging in each person is different, so the loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin happens at various times and various rates from one person to another.

After several years of research, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and scientists have found that an assortment of vitamin extracts and all-natural ingredients drastically aid in the deceleration and even start reversing the premature aging of the skin. These ingredients are currently found in several doctor-developed and doctor-suggested skin treatment products for anti-aging.

Vitamin A (retinol) has been recommended to assist in creating collagen fibers in the skin, on top of its more external exfoliating quality. This is the foundation for its usage in decreasing the development of wrinkle and fine lines. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid works as an antioxidant and is believed to be essential in the healing of wounds because it helps stabilize collagen. When applied on the skin, it can lessen wrinkles and fine lines and can reduce the gravity of sunburns. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that contains anti-swelling effects on the skin. It has been revealed to enhance smoothness, softness and moisture and gives reasonable photo protection.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs can smoothen exterior wrinkles and fine lines, enhance the tone and texture of the skin, cleanse and unclog pores, develop acne or oily skin and enrich the overall condition of the skin. Glycolic Acid is the most dynamic and useful of AHAs in skin treatment. After it reaches the cell’s interior, the acid produces new collagen formation to plump ground matters and cells in the skin to lessen wrinkles. Glycolic acid has also been revealed to be extremely helpful in acne treatment. N-6 furfuryladenine (kinetin) is an all-natural anti-aging component that has shown to lessen fine lines and wrinkles. This is also a verified substitute for people who are sensitive to products that have vitamin C and retinol.

Since the skin of each person is different, the outcomes of utilizing all natural skin care products for anti-aging will also be different. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist first before you utilize any new anti-aging skin treatment product and to find out the type and condition of your skin. Your dermatologist may suggest certain products or you may try a couple on your own, depending on the consultation.

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