Skin Care and Natural Extracts

July 28, 2012 0 Comments

The natural organic ingredients that are found in the skin care products are known to be extremely beneficial to the human skin. The ingredients can be extracted from plants, fruits and vegetables. Here are a few potent ingredients that form the core of skin care items.

Borage oil is a popular ingredient that is used as a base or an emulsifier for various skin care products. It is known to be a rich source of the most potent essential fatty acid. One can find up to 25% of gamma linolenic acid in the Borage oil. It has immense rehabilitative properties as when applied to the joints it mobilizes the tissues and relieves the user of joint pains. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and hence helps in getting back the lost moisture and reinstates the supple look.

The Burdock extracts is known for its medicinal properties. These extracts belong to the medicinal herb Burdock. It is contains vitamin B and vitamin E and hence is used in face and neck creams. It has the ability to nourish the skin and make it supple. This extracts contain potassium, chromium, iron, phosphorus, silicon and zinc. When applied to the skin it helps in soothing the inflammation and reddishness. It can be used as a potent cure for rashes, acne and eczema. This can also be used a toner as it helps in balancing the skin tone. This extracts acts as an astringent and cleansing agent.

The buriti oil is also a potent source of vitamin E and also contains vitamin A. The oil helps in restoring the lost moisture and also helps in reducing skin darkening. The skin when exposed to sun undergoes deterioration. This oil is a potent source of natural SPF and helps in shielding the skin from the ill effects of the sun. The fatty acid that is present in the oil helps in rehydrating the skin and rebuilding the moisture content.

Calcium Bentonite is a fine grained form of clay. This clay is supposed to be applied to the body. It helps in naturally absorbing the excess oil secretion and keeps the toxins away from the skin. Hence this clay is apt for the skin that is prone to acne. These [natural organic skin care] ingredients are indeed one of a kind. It is easily available in its actual form or as a component of a skin care product.

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