Sources of Pain in Lower Left Abdomen

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Pain in lower left abdomen is also referred to as left lower quadrant pain. It develops on the left side of an imaginary line drawn vertically downwards to just under the waist line and originating from the umbilicus level, the organs and structures located in this area include skin and muscles, lower section of the left kidney, a part of the bladder, sigmoid colon, a part of the large intestines, left urethra, nerves, large blood vessels, the ovary on the left and ovarian tube in females. As a result, any type of condition influencing these structures will possibly expose someone to discomfort in lower left abdomen.

With substantial understanding on general body conditions, I have actually composed numerous excerpts on typical illnesses. Now, I understand that this problem typically influences the elderly and women.

There are many causes affecting the previously mentioned organs and structures that might cause pain in lower left abdomen. Amongst ladies, the common sources could include Ectopic pregnancy, where pregnancy occurs outside the womb. This is generally the spot diagnosis for ladies complaining of such discomfort which might be dull or sharp in nature and may be present either on the right or left abdominal sections. In some cases it might be coupled with bleeding within the private parts. Ovarian cysts can also be the cause and this results in sudden pain localized to the left where one of the ovaries is located. It is typically due to rupture or twisting. The pain could be moderate or severe in character, ultrasound of the stomach aids in its diagnosis.

In men, injury or testicular torsion leads to average to serious pain in lower left abdomen. Additional general causes which influence both male and female is bowel cancer, taking place on the left side might result in this type pain. It is accompanied by bowel habit changes, severe weight loss, poor appetite, and generally constipation and body malaise. This might prevail for many months nevertheless other conditions could manifest with comparable symptoms so it is better to seek fast medical care when symptoms set in. Crohn’s disease, a certain form of bowel condition, is one more cause of this type of discomfort. It is usually chronic and if the sigmoid or descending colons are afflicted, pain on the left side of the abdomen will be experienced.

Additional symptoms include constipation, aneurysm of the abdominal aorta, endometriosis, diverticulitis, renal infections and stones, wind trapped within the colon, psoas abscess, and food poisoning. One may even experience transverse colon volvulous, which is unusual however fatal if it happens and has similar symptoms with intestinal obstruction. One could also come across hernia, bowel obstruction, irritable bowel disorder, bleeding of the rectus sheath and Henoch-Schonlein-purpura, an uncommon condition with joints. Some people also reported kidney issues and also purple spots accompanying the pain.

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