Steps Of Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

June 29, 2012 0 Comments

Drug or substance addiction is the hazardous use of hallucinatory materials that could alter an abuser’s mindset, conduct and reason. These substance misuses include smoking, drinking and drugs, which frequently lead to dependence. The unwanted effects of drugs like suboxone side effects, affect a person’s daily interaction with family, peers or co-workers. If substance abuse is already obvious in a person, the following steps can help address the problem:

First step is medical treatment. Seek a physician to handle the problem on drug addiction. One example of drug abuse is suboxone addiction and abuse. This medical approach involves physicians, therapists, medicine and medical devices. It also includes getting the body rid of toxins and other hazardous elements. This is regarded as the first phase in medical treatment. It’s the toughest part since the patient suffers from withdrawal symptoms. After the body has been detoxified, the patient still needs to take some medicine apt for the extent of addiction.

Second is psychosocial therapy. This also involves inpatient or outpatient medical therapy. Since drug and alcohol abuse can immensely influence the social aspect of the addict, he’s required to go back to his family, friend and the society in a gradual manner.

Inpatient or residential method can be long-standing or temporary and is normally done in hospitals or in a neighborhood situation. This treatment can last from 6 weeks to a year. Long-term therapy consists of the members of the community where the patient is recovering and lasts from 6 months to 1 year while the short-term lasts for only six weeks and utilizes a method called, the 12- Step Approach made known by Alcoholics Anonymous.

The outpatient therapy is available for patients with limited budget or those who’ve undergone detoxification, residential treatment stages or those whose insurance only include outpatient treatment. This kind of therapy involves the 12-Step Approach and one-on-one and group treatment, which occurs at the therapist’s clinic or office.

Everybody has to be educated of the damaging effects of drug or any substance addiction. Moreover, each person has to be informed of the harrowing details one substance addict has to undergo during the therapy. Merely thinking about the money, time and effort that will be spent on such rehabilitation should make one squirm from carrying on such an awful habit.

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