Stop Smoking The Easy Way With These Amazingly Effective Tips

August 7, 2012 0 Comments

By Winston Takeda

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you can do. There are several factors that make putting down that cigarette harder than doing Chinese Calculus in the dark. For one, it’s highly addictive. For another, there’s a certain psychological benefit that comes from bringing your hand to your mouth every so often. Also, there are many “triggers” which cause people to have an almost uncontrollable desire to smoke. The good news is that many people quit smoking every day, for good. You can be one of them if you simply follow some of the steps in this article.

The most important thing is to give yourself a powerful reason to quit. Anything is easy if you have a sufficiently strong reason to. Imagine having a strong urge to smoke. Also imagine having that urge as you were dangling off a cliff. Would you release your hold on the only branch so you could grab a smoke? Probably not. The trick is to create a powerful enough motivation that you can carry around with you all the time. Whenever you have an urge to smoke, call up that motivation.

Also, it’s good to have both a negative and a positive motivation. For example, a negative motivation might be to imagine how black and messed up your lungs are. Or maybe imagine trying to smoke through a hole in your neck.

A good strong positive emotion would be to imagine breathing with clean lungs, and being able to participate in sports or exercise without getting winded. Also try to imagine how nice it will be to wake up every morning and feeling clear headed.

Many people decide to go cold turkey, but this is very difficult. Unless you do a lot of psychological work beforehand, this method usually backfires. Take your time to build up your reasons, and slowly smoke less and less. Give yourself a very strong reward when you avoid giving into the urge to smoke.

There are plenty of medications on the market that can help you quit, from patches, to pills, to chewing gum and even electronic cigarettes. Whatever you feel comfortable doing, do it if it helps you quit. The cost of these medications is a small price to pay for the years of health you’ve got ahead of you. Also, since cigarettes are more expensive than ever, you’ll make more money back in no time.

Identifying and removing those triggers, such as stress, that cause you to smoke is important. Because you can’t avoid those trigger altogether, it’s a good idea to choose something else to lean on. Some chewing gum, or deep breathing exercises can help. It might not seem even close to the real thing right away, but some concentrated breathing along with some positive visualizations can be quite an effective tool to deal with those triggers.

When you combine some positive goal setting, some positive and negative reasons to quit, as well as the best medicine you can get, you have a fighting chance against those tobacco urges. Just focus on all your reasons to quit, and get as much help as you can, and you’ll be successful.

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