Substance Abuse Prevention Tips: Their Efficacy in Keeping Teens From Drug Addiction

July 2, 2012 0 Comments

Parents’ duties are very much crucial in directing their teenagers’ lives, particularly in educating their children about substance addiction prevention and the life-threatening effects of illegal and harmful substances. Parents are encouraged to create home atmosphere and they are required to establish solid family relationships for their youngsters. According to several research, violence and divorce are the major factors why teens turned to drug and substance addiction. It is also advised that parents must create open conversation to their children and make them feel at ease before commencing a communication. It is proven that teens who have frequent and open conversation with their parents are less likely to turn to substance abuse. Parents are encouraged to help in alleviating their teenagers’ problems and issues through non-punitive and non-discriminating approach.

Parents should make friends with their teenagers. However, parents are advised to adhere to their established rules and limitations at home to avoid leniency. Children must also learn the house rules and regulations implemented by their parents. It is strongly recommended that parents must monitor their teenagers’ activities and behavioral changes. It might be a sign of substance abuse if behavioral change happens.

It is strongly advised that parents must know their children’s friends and their friends’ parents and family background. Parents are advised to refer their substance-dependent teenagers to drug abuse rehab facility for immediate treatment and recovery. Drug abuse rehab facilities are also known effective in aiding and treating their patients, particularly young addicts through standardized treatment and patient-recovery methods.

Parents who are drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking should refrain themselves to keep their children from alcohol and cigarette use. Drunkenness and smoking often acquired by adolescents from their parents. Parents must teach their children about the adverse effects of these substances to health.

Parents must monitor their teenagers’ school attendance. Parents should visit their children’s educators and school administrators to check their children’s class standing and grades. It is noted that frequent absences and dropping of grades could be a sign of substance addiction. Parents should also visit their children’s schoolteachers to ascertain their teenagers’ attitude and behavior at school. Parents should also check their adolescents’ study habits to determine their grades as well as classroom performances. Furthermore, parents should encourage their children to join school and community activities in order to divert them from using harmful substances.

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