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Have you heard your partner or child clenching or grinding their teeth at night when they are in deep sleep? Most people assume that it is just a habit or may happen momentarily. However it is actually a condition that may be caused due to many different reasons. There is a cure for this habit or condition of teeth grinding. In medical terms, it is popular as Bruxism. Most people may have experienced this at least once in their lifetime. If it happens for a short while and then is discontinued, then it may not be a health issue.

If teeth grinding continues for a longer duration then it needs medical attention. There is a teeth grinding cure and can be subjected on both children as well as adults. It is categorized under the various sleep disorders that one can suffer from and can occur in either deep sleep or even when you doze off for a while. Bruxism also finds its roots or connection to the neuromuscular system wherein the activity similar to chewing in the form clenching happens in a subconscious state. The subconscious part of the brain is active while you are asleep or just about to wake up and hence teeth grinding often occurs at such times.

While the person undergoing such a condition may not be able to experience the signs or symptoms unless and until they become severe and cause headaches or pain in the jaw, the sleeping partners (parents, spouse) can take note of that. Even if people actually feel the pain in the jaw or a headache, they are unable to associate it with teeth grinding or temporomandibular joint disorder (commonly referred to as TMJ). TMJ is a slightly advanced condition which is caused due to acute pain the joint connecting the skull and mandible. Of course, TMJ cure and TMJ treatment is as easily available as the teeth grinding treatment.

If this clenching of the jaw or teeth continues for a very long time it can cause various oral concerns as well as affect the teeth. Sometimes the clenching or grinding can be fierce causing the teeth to chip slightly. The most common reason for this problem is abnormalities in the teeth structure. If one has few teeth missing or they are not aligned properly as in the case of small children, it may lead to grinding. Other factors that can cause such a condition are excessive stress or lot of anxiety, anger, aggression etc.

There are also certain medicines that may cause teeth grinding. It is like a side effect. Few diseases like degenerative disorder of the nervous system may also cause this problem. Chronic grinding of teeth can easily result in TMJ as the jaw is quite stressed during this activity. Hence if you have observed this habit or condition in your family for over a month, you need to take the person to the doctor. Electromyography may be used by the doctor to diagnose if the person is actually suffering from teeth grinding problem.

There are many other methods of diagnosing the problem too. However the first signs need to be observed by someone as very few people can realize it for themselves. There are dental guards that are easily available to curb down the grinding. A splint may be positioned in such a way that the bite patterns of the patient can be adjusted as per requirement. Electric stimulation or biofeedback is other methods used to treat teeth grinding. Few dietary supplements, Botox etc can also be used to treat Bruxism. The doctor may also help you in repairing the damage caused by the grinding.

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