The Analgesic Abuse Delimma And How It Can Be Treated

July 13, 2012 0 Comments

Opium, the dried latex taken from opium poppy and a potent analgesic, is one of the most addictive analgesic drugs known worldwide. Its active component morphine has often been used in the medical industry as a pain reliever especially after surgical procedures. Opium as a raw material is already an addictive substance when smoked. Heroin, a more potent form of drug, is derived from morphine- the active component in opium. For many people, opioid abuse is one of the most difficult to stop.

People suffering from opiate addiction are euphoric because it relieves anxiety and creates a deep sense of well-being. It affects the nervous system directly targeting pain sensors and alleviating negative emotions and discomfort. Initial doses of opium can create such profound effect but, consequent similar amount of use no more delivers the same desired result. The consequent use of this drug should be taken in increasing doses to provide the same effect received when first taken. This is often called drug tolerance. The effect of using opioid medications can last between four to six hours.

And after that, withdrawal symptoms happen such as vomiting, nausea, anxiety, pain, diarrhea. The severity of the withdrawal symptoms depend on the opiate addict’s behavior of using the drugs. Knowing the tolerance and withdrawal effects of opioid drug use allows us to understand why opium addiction is very difficult to overcome.

There are a variety of measures already taken and are being used in dealing with opium addiction. When an individual suffers from this kind of addiction, treatment takes time and thus requires a lot of patience from friends and family of the drug abuser. There are detoxification facilities where the initial treatment of rehabilitation for opium junkies takes place.

Counselling and a support group are additional measures in battling this type of addiction. For some who have been drug dependent for such a long time, an abrupt quit of opioid drug usage is not an effective way of getting rid of this addiction. Methadone detoxification or maintenance treatment can be a solution for long term opioid junkies. Admitting in a methadone treatment center is a very common late-stage effect of opiate use and can often help the user go back to everyday life as a functional member of population. This has been approved by the FDA and is a legitimate place for a long time user to stay in.

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