The Dangers Of Cough Syrup Abuse

July 23, 2012 0 Comments

Cough syrup abuse typically involves taking cough syrup in conjunction with candy, alcohol, or soft drinks in a blend known as “syrup” or “syzurp”. Robitussin use is just one example of the multitudes of cough medicines that can be abused. The probabilities of cough syrup abuse are increased by the existence of several ingredients in the mixture. Health issues experts are concerned about the chances of these chemicals being habit-forming. While it has long been allowed on social grounds, this substance has led to numerous instances of overdoses and drunk driving. Being an opiate, cough syrup can be excessively addictive. Insomnia, irritability, and inability to operate without the drug are some of the warning signs and symptoms that necessitate cough syrup misuse treatment.

Some individuals intoxicated by cough syrup get sensations that are equivalent to the ones brought about by PCP or LSD. Just about150 of the cold and cough medicines available over the counter include dextromethorphan. Abusers of this drug require immediate treatment at an appropriate treatment facility. As a matter of fact, cough syrup addiction causes a great number of conditions that merit hospitalizations. For instance, in 2008, around 8,000 people were hospitalized as a consequence of an assortment of issues brought about by cough syrup misuse. Professionals believe that cough syrup abuse has been on the increase for the last four years. This has been considerably helped with by the drug’s claimed safety, simple availability, and the desired euphoric sensations. In its endeavours to decrease cases of substance addiction, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) can limit the accessibility of these substances. One tactic to achieve this is to make the drugs accessible only on prescription basis. The other route is to forbid sales to those who are under age 18. At this time, there are no constraints from the FDA. However, this is a problem that needs particular attention.

During the 70s, the FDA chose to prohibit the purchase of over-the-counter cough syrups made from codeine on account of the danger for abuse and addiction. Codeine contains characteristics that are equivalent to those of dextromethorphan. Nevertheless, when individuals find prescribed cough syrup that contains codeine, quite a number of individuals come to a decision to use it to manufacture their syrup. Some individuals get cough syrup treatments containing codeine over internet sites. There are online pharmaceutical vendors that ask for identification and prescriptions even if they have not been licensed as a qualified physician. People affected by codeine abuse difficulties could believe that it is alright taking the syrup on the argument that it is medicine. But it is imperative to remember that high levels of codeine might have a damaging impact on the user’s central nervous system as well as limit the function of the lungs and the heart. Abusing or misusing cough syrup that includes codeine may be extremely dangerous. Codeine falls under the narcotic category of drugs and includes similar qualities to those of heroin or morphine. Codeine slows down a number of important body functions and can bring about death.

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