The Duties Of Schools In Preventing Teenage Drug Abuse

July 20, 2012 0 Comments

Schools need to operate as part of the greater community in continuing to keep the younger generation away from drug use. But it is often difficult enough to avoid drug addiction in schools. Teenagers today are so sneaky that they’re able to perform things which they desire in the most discreet ways. However, it is possible for the school to use draconian security and detection techniques. In this manner, illegal drugs could be confiscated immediately. Moreover, the teachers should also keep an eye on their students in order to get earlier detection on drug abuse.

As educators, the school’s faculty should explain their children on how serious are the effects of drug abuse. Through this, they are able to have knowledge on the very ill and evil results in making use of illegal drugs. It’s exactly like threatening them that once they try making use of drugs, their lives would never be the same again. And that it would bring devastation brought on by the fatal chemicals contained in drugs.

Meanwhile, the school should also teach their children social capabilities and assertiveness. Giving them the tools and confidence to resist peer pressure is among the most effective ways in avoiding substance abuse. Additionally, enriching their activities would make them too occupied to even think of drugs. Allow them to do more extra-curricular activities like athletics, theatre, and journalism. They won’t just be saved from using drugs but they can also enhance their talents and skills to become useful individuals someday.

Then the school’s faculty and staff must build good relationships with their children. Oftentimes, the child’s home life may be a big part of the problem. In this circumstance, the teacher must refer such a child to the school counsellor for adequate guidance. The school can also form a group for such children wherein they can freely express themselves and talk about their problems. Upon subscribing to sessions of talks from the testimony of other folks, they can have a knowledge on the experience when substance abuse effects are felt.

In conclusion, the school plays an important role in the prevention of teenage substance abuse. Adolescence is a stage of confusion for young people so they need to have extra guidance for them to be taken to the right path. And in this area, schools indeed must act to help mould such individuals for a brighter future.

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