The Modern Means Of Managing Drug Abuse

June 29, 2012 0 Comments

Many people in our society nowadays are suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Regardless of their race or background these people are trap in this illness. Alcohol treatment centers provide 2 options in managing this issue. One is through conventional treatment and the other is through non-traditional treatment.

Traditional treatment includes the usage of medicines in treating substance addiction and withdrawal symptoms that last for several months. Another type of drug rehab treatment strategy is the use of non-traditional methods. There are several types of ways of treating a patient in this method.


In this technique, treatment centers do not focus on alcohol and drug addiction as a disorder, rather a battle to be conquered. They don’t use medicine or a step-by-step procedure to cure addiction. They believe in the power of their minds to overcome it. Several facilities say that many patients have found success utilizing this process. They allow abusers move forward with an optimistic life by rejecting their bad decision making.


Hypnosis is used to change the patient’s feelings towards alcohol or drugs. Hypnotherapy can be utilized after the preliminary cessation phase to strengthen optimistic behavior. In this technique abusers abstain from utilizing substances they utilize to crave.

Holistic Treatment

Holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatments focus on the patients’ whole being. This includes the physical, mental and emotional state of the client. They include detoxification in saunas or steam rooms, martial arts training to increase self-confidence and low-carbohydrate diets for body repair and encourage good nutrition habits. It focuses on health and balance.


In this treatment method, the patient still uses alcoholic beverages in moderation. The patient is provided the task to assess his reasons for using alcohol thus making him aware of his addiction. Prescribed medications are also available to help patients decrease their levels of addiction.

Quick Therapy

Drug Rehabilitation Treatments are now utilizing short-term programs for patients who don’t have enough time to undergo treatment that last for many months. This is for substance abusers who’d like to take a step for an alcohol and drug-free life but who has no time to be confined in a medical care center for a long time. It includes a week-long inpatient programs or weekly outpatient assessments and short-term alcohol and drug counseling conducted online or by phone.

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