The Negative Outcomes Of Substance Addiction

August 9, 2012 0 Comments

There are many effects of substance abuse that can be showcased. But we shall focus on several of the destructive effects of drug abuse in several elements of our lives. We will study its impact on the human body, the children, the family and the brain as a whole. The purpose of this article is to help any person going through drug abuse, to rethink about using drugs and hopefully consider drug rehabilitation centers. Unlike what you hear or see in the media and on the internet, using drugs does no good at all.

Furthermore, as opposed to what the business and the advertisements are declaring, it has not a thing to do with acquiring stunning women and making additional money. Truly, drugs contribute to countless distressing side effects. A simple research in major search engines will highlight the negative effects it has on the family. In conclusion, drugs have no benefit and needs to be relinquished. Drug abuse effects are very devastating indeed.

Substance abuse has resulted in the breakdown of many families and friendships. A lot of partnerships started off well but once drug abuse enters the home, it immediately breaks it apart. Where there was a seemingly good romance, hatred dominates. Where there has been happiness, distress and bitterness prevails. The family and home is no longer important and captivating. Include this to the outcomes on teens and you will find out why the family and home is not what it was in the past. The kids study about the bad effects from their father and mother. They are usually neglected and their learning is also disturbed as well.

The effects of substance abuse on the entire body are very debilitating. Addicts always suffer these cynical outcomes in silence. For example, the liver is among the body organs affected. Furthermore, there is probability of having lung cancer caused by smoking drugs.

Likewise, the result it has on the brain is not appealing because it is often affected. The individual will not have the ability to think clearly. This may cause a decrease in productivity at work which will contribute to loss of job since the organization may no longer desire the assistance of a drug addict.

Reading about the consequences is certainly not enough. You need to ensure that you seek for drug treatment programs before it gets worse. Do not wait to lose your family, children, career, and brain to drugs.

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