The Reason Why Behind Most Medicine Abuse

August 14, 2012 0 Comments

Medicines are available in many types and they are used by individuals for various reasons. When an individual introduces these substances to his body, they will alter his bodilly functions. Some medicines help people in dealing with certain conditions, allow a person to think clearly and will enable him to have radical thoughts.

In the medical field, medicines are available from mild medicines that can be purchased over the counter to extreme drugs that need to be approved by doctors. There are also recreational medicines available and they can be both legal and illegal. According to drugs and addiction treatment professionals, drugs are used by some people regularly; however, as these substances are pervasive and legal, users may not think about their side effects. For instance, caffeine has been used by people every day as a stimulant and psychotropic medicine. Alcohol is also an addictive substance that is used by people on a daily basis.

Usually, when people ask about the reason why a person uses drugs, they refer to the use of illegal drugs. For instance, cannabis has been illegal in America for years but it has been used by many people. In general, this drug is used by people for the same reason they ingest alcohol which is to feel relaxed and have an altered state of consciousness. Additionally, when it comes to prohibition people treat cannabis in the same way as they treat alcohol.

In a lot of situations, medicines are used by people in order to escape from their present world. Many drugs and addiction treatment experts say that medications such as morphine and heroin are helpful in making thoughts and pain become dull and producing pleasurable body chemicals that will make an individual feel that his troubles in life are drifting away. In other cases, drugs are used in order to feel additional energy and obtain the feelings of togetherness and sharpness. However, these feelings are likely to be emotionally addictive which will make the individual feel bad when he is not able to take the medications. Thus, this will encourage more uses of the substances.

Moreover, people also use hallucinogens such as mescaline and LSD in order to have more understanding of their lives and the world. Drugs like ayhuasca and peyote are likely to be used during spiritual practices in order to experience a sense of spirituality.

There are a lot of reasons why individuals use drugs. While some of these are beneficial to them in many ways, drugs are addictive which can lead to more serious health complications.

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