The Risks Of Amphetamine Salt Abuse

June 22, 2012 0 Comments

Amphetamines are artificial, psycho-stimulant drugs used to treat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) as well as Narcolepsy. ADHD is usually discovered in early childhood while narcolepsy is found to be manifested between the ages of 15-30. ADHD is a behavioural problem where a person lacks concentration, hyperactive, energetic and cannot follow directions. Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder. An individual tends to get drowsy and sleepy even during daytime. The most common brand of amphetamines is called Adderall. This drug cannot be bought in pharmacies unless a prescription from a physician is being presented. As the usage of this medicine is potentially addictive, proper care and intake should be followed.

Adderall is considered to be a stimulant but gives calming effects to individuals with ADHD. When this drug is properly followed, it helps control behavioural impulsiveness among ADHD patients. Many people use Adderall for all the wrong reasons. Because Adderall is a stimulant, it can keep an individual alert and active for extended hours. Many students use this medication when they cram for exams. That is why Adderall has also been labeled as “college crack” or cognitive steroids. It keeps the brain active while studying and thus help in exam preparation. It is also known as a party drug. Teenagers who love staying out late to party like to take this particular drug as it helps them stay active and alert while partying. The alertness and feeling of strength while under the influence of this drug draw many to use it despite the dangerous effects it brings.

Addiction to adderall occurs when people take this drug consistently for a period time with reasons besides treatment. This is a prescribed drug and should be used under a medical professional’s supervision. One of the effects of using this drug is appetite suppression. Many women who want to go on a diet take this drug to shed pounds and lose weight. This is certainly a wrong application. Some individuals fake symptoms in order to use the drug. Doctors readily give a prescription of this drug when patients display well enough symptoms of ADHD even if these signs or symptoms are manifested only during the doctor’s visit.

Adderall use results to an adrenalin rush which enables the brain to be alert and greatly receptive to the surrounding. The “rush” phase however, is temporary. After the effect of the drug has lapsed, the immediate result would be muscle weakness, vertigo, exhaustion, depression and irritation. Adderall abuse poses great health risks. The worse of which is death. Students who use this drug for purposes of getting good ratings in examinations should be warned of the possible hazards of misuse of this drug.

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