The Secret Of Achieving Success In Alcohol Treatment

August 19, 2012 0 Comments

The diagnostic term for alcohol addiction is alcohol dependence but it is commonly known as alcoholism. Overcoming addiction needs changing lifestyles, learning new ways of dealing with challenges and maintaining determination towards the goal of living an alcohol-free life.

Step 1

Get a cognitive-behavioral program from a mental health professional. The National Institute of Health states that skills learned from cognitive-behavioral treatment effectively change the behavior of the client towards alcoholic drinking. You need help from a professional to end your alcohol problem because alcohol.

Step 2

Participate in a support group like Alcoholics Anonymous. After completing the therapy in alcohol treatment centers, the challenge of staying sober doesn’t stop. Attending the support group weekly will be beneficial for the client. It would be helpful if you will open your story to others and talk with your friends more often. Inquire their methods of staying sober and apply what you learn from them. A sponsor who will act as therapist will be your partner in avoiding relapse by being there for you in times when you feel most prone to temptations.

Step 3

Find a stress reducer that works best for you. Yoga could be a powerful tool to decrease your stress. It’s an efficient way to help you focus your thoughts, be in-charge of your body and mind and control your cravings towards alcohol. Yoga is a form of exercise which increases the production of your happy hormones which reduces stress. It could also be a good activity that will lead your thoughts away from alcohol. Laughter and building interpersonal relationships will also be good stress-reducer mediums.

Step 4

Know your triggers and stay away from them. Anyone or anything that will tempt you towards using alcohol must be avoided as much as possible. A certain place that would remind your alcoholic addiction should be averted by taking a new route. Go to new places and hang-out with sober people and avoid hanging out in pubs even if you are determined to stay sober. Keep yourself near the temptations. Replace your old habit of drinking into wholesome ones.

Step 5

Find immediate help if relapse occur. Alcohol rehabilitation centers focus on helping the addicts achieve sobriety but the choice to obey the plan of treatment and maintain sobriety is in the hands of the patients. If patients fail, it’ll be better if he keep in touch with the therapy center and ask for help.

Step 6

Create a support system. You cannot beat alcoholism alone. You need to have people to inspire you to stay sober and remind you that they’re there with you in your journey.

Step 7

Plan your own future. Make your plans and be motivated to end alcohol addiction. Remind yourself that you cannot achieve your goal if you’ll continue your addiction.

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