The Summary On Drug Addiction

June 24, 2012 0 Comments

Drug addiction is the maladaptive habit of using drugs beyond or outside its recommended medical indication. If left untreated, drug addiction can cause an array of physical and mental problems. Addicts can also face social and legal consequences.

Addiction is caused by the complex mixture of biological predisposition and psychosocial experiences. Lack of parental guidance and peer pressure is regarded as the leading cause why teenagers utilize drugs. Their addiction may persist until adulthood. Prescription drugs are also abused particularly by adults. There are specific health conditions that need drugs that have high addictive potential such as pain relievers, tranquilizers, and stimulants. Although there are psychological and social issues that cause addiction, it is important to bear in mind that excessive and prolonged exposure to habit-forming drugs will cause biochemical change which causes a person to crave for the drug. Addiction as a result of poor morality is probably one of the most common misconceptions on drug abuse.

There are some snitch signs which can tell you if somebody is abusing drugs. First on the list is a sudden behavioral change. This usually over-looked since there are lots of reasons why individuals change. But if you notice this especially among teenagers then maybe it would be smart to sit down and talk with them, and ask them what really is happening. Most addictive drugs can affect the functions of the brain. Depending on the kind of drug that was over used, it can either depress or over stimulate the brain which will give you altered thought perception and abnormal behavior.

It is very important to seek treatments for drug addiction. Due to its complexity, treating addiction is best done under the supervision of doctors and other health care experts which focus in addiction treatment in a specialized facility. Initially, patients undergo detoxification to cleanse toxins that accumulated in their body. After which, they will have a series of combined physical and psychological therapies as well as life coaching to prepare them to reintegrate themselves back in the society. Co-existing mental disorders and bodily ailments are also addressed. Recovering addicts can have additional treatments to avoid relapse.

There are numerous studies being conducted regarding drug addiction to have more data which are very useful in getting more understanding and solutions to the increasingly growing situation of addiction.

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