Think Positive and Defy Aging

July 12, 2012 0 Comments

By Sheila Smith

One thing that is of the utmost importance that you can do in order to increase your length of life and live a happier, healthier life is to create and maintain a positive mental attitude.

The process of nurturing an attitude that will help you throughout your life life should be developed during your younger years. The way that you learn your coping skills when you are young will assist you in dealing with adversities and help you to build strategies that will become critically important when you reach those times in life that require those skills.

It is well established that it is important to our mental and emotional health to create a mission for our personal lives. Once you have done that, as you pass through the stages and hurdles of life, you can reassess that mission and reconfigure it for where you currently are on life’s path. But the mission helps to keep you focused during times of stress and uncertainty.

Living a full, rich life should be a goal that you not only dream of, but work toward each and every day by doing everything possible to make sure you’re healthy, both in body and mind to withstand the ravages of time.

Key Tools To A Positive Attitude

Most scientific research seems to show that “retirement” as it is traditionally viewed isn’t beneficial in helping to maintain a positive mental attitude about life. But once you realized that “retirement” doesn’t mean “useless” and “stagnant” you are on your way to enjoying your time out of the fast track and be able to experience life even more fully. Below are some helpful tools for you to live by if living a full, rich life is of concern to you.

Keep Busy – A rocking chair isn’t the way to achieve “Fountain of Youth” effects during the aging process. We now know that keeping active, both in body and mind is the best way to live a long and productive life.

Write Your Own Road Map – Baby boomers entering their 60s never expected to age, so they’re now looking for ways to keep their youth – but most are trying to retain their youth with cosmetic surgery, pills or surrounding themselves with youthful “things” such as a bright red sports car.

Writing your own road map for the rest of your life is empowering and can also help to build your mental aptitude just as you would build your muscles through exercise.

Cultivate Healthy Relationships – The relationships you cultivate with family and friends can make the difference in how you view the rest of your life. Taking trips and learning new things are all better done with someone you care about than alone.

By taking these steps to help maintain a positive mental and emotional attitude you will find that you will be able to face the aging process gently and optimistically.

Ms. Smith is a happily married mother of four who is determined to age gracefully! For more information on feeling and looking younger please visit her website

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