Toxic Hazardous Waste Disposal Through The Years

June 24, 2012 0 Comments

These days we do not think much about “toxic” waste. In a way it seems like the green glowing junk pouring from vats sitting on the side of the river in some Anywhere, USA town was left back in the 1980’s along with Flock of Seagulls and Fat Frog Ice Cream. That said, not unlike Flock of Seagulls who still tour the world to a select group of devotees toxic waste is still the focus of a number of enterprising health inspectors, waste management companies, and business owners who through no fault of their own have to generate the stuff. Luckily we live in an era of careful monitoring of the hazardous waste disposal that once was the subject of Hard Copy reports and newspaper covers back in those heady days.

Labpack disposal is just one example of the of new procedures enacted in the last few decades to help secure and destroy chemicals and materials that might otherwise hurt normal citizens. Hefty fines and the potential for jail time have held a wide array of businesses and organizations’ feet to the fire to ensure closer monitoring of the potentially life threatening mishandling of these materials. These days if you do not have a company helping your business’s hazardous and biohazardous material you are probably doing something very wrong and likely doing something incredibly illegal.

Those vats of green goop have of course been overplayed in film and television but the potential dangers of their seeping into water supplies or soil are not at all overstated. Perhaps their ability to create frightening mutations has, but not their ability to create a wide array of health problems for anyone who comes into contact with them. In decades past poor management of hazardous waste disposal has been tied to everything from cancer to birth defects. This is clearly serious business and a good way to remind ourselves of all of the important work being done by these regulators and waste management companies.

It is often stated that we are no doubt lucky to live in the era that we do. Technology allows us to live happier and longer. It is rarely acknowledged how much has changed in a short period of time for our overall safety and general quality of life in towns across America. Even as budgets are gutted the safety standards with regards to these scary chemicals and waste materials are not changed. The people in charge know how important this work and these safety standards are and they are protecting them and us accordingly.

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