Treat Your Drug Abuse Problem With These Treatment Centers

June 28, 2012 0 Comments

Dual diagnosis occurs when a patient has mental and substance abuse problems. This occurs because those who have psychiatric problems may turn to utilizing drugs or alcohol to escape their mental issue and those who’ve addiction disorders are likely to have mental conditions.

For many mental health professionals, dual diagnosis should be treated simultaneously. The therapy of patients should start with detoxification wherein a patient’s body is freed from toxic substances. This procedure is followed by examination to create a treatment plan which addresses both mental health and substance abuse problems. These processes are executed in reputable dual diagnosis treatment facilities where a team of physicians work together in giving the perfect programs to affected individuals. The following are the most common treatment facilities which give the perfect dual diagnosis treatment services.

1. Morningside Recovery

This therapy center includes traditional psychological and mental therapies and also integrative and experiential treatments with the affected person’s true lifestyle and family systems. This center utilizes a customized technique to allow affected individuals to achieve total recovery. It has therapy strategies like motivational enhancement therapy, eye motion desensitization and reprocessing, cognitive behavioral therapy and adventure treatment.

Morningside delivers regular and constant intensive psychotherapy to people to allow them to develop skills which can be helpful in managing symptoms that have to do with their dual diagnosis. The facility has research-based programs and therapy.

2. Milestone Ranch Malibu

This particular treatment center employs skilled internists and psychiatrists to assess patients. They can detect Signs Of Drug Abuse. They also give services including primary day treatment, major residential and prolonged care alternatives. This center has been known to address mood problems, fears, sexual compulsion, obsessive compulsive condition, depression and bipolar condition. It has therapeutic methods such as group treatment, individual and family treatment which are likely to include mental behavioral health, principal process group, spiritual techniques, boundaries and communication skills.

3. Lakeview Health Systems

This treatment center delivers inpatient alcohol treatment that begins with a detoxification and to be followed by emotional and physical assessments. The facility treats their patients using customized dual diagnosis discussion groups that focus on dialectic behavior therapy, mental behavioral therapy, experiential therapy and logical emotive behavior therapy. It also delivers 12-step programs, nutritional consultation services and medication management services.

Good treatment centers that are focused on dual diagnosis individuals should embrace the power of individualized treatments and the detection of the Drug Abuse. Their professionals shouldn’t generalize the conditions of their overall patient population because every patient may present different symptoms and have different treatment needs.

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