Treating Anxiety Or Panic Disorder May Lead To Drug Addiction

August 21, 2012 0 Comments

Anxiolytic drugs refer to herbal treatments or medicines that are utilized to cure panic disorder or anxiety. People also use these medicines to acquire good sleep and feel calm. Anxiolytic medicines are available in different classes which include Phenobarbital and barbiturates. These medications are very habit forming and a lot of medical professionals try to find alternatives for them which still encourage relaxation without causing addiction to clients.

In the past, medical researchers and professionals evaluated the ability of the drug methaqualone or Quaaludes as a substitute to the addictive anxiolytic medications. Unluckily, individuals used methaqualone as a recreational drug and they became dependent on it. According to addiction treatment specialists, overuse of this drug has been popular in the 1970’s that it was completely restricted in many countries.

Benzodiapines are also anxiolytic drugs which include alprazolam and diazepam. While these medications are useful in promoting a calm effect, a lot of them may expire easily. Most of those who use these medicines easily build up tolerance which means that those who use them for a long term need to take more of the drugs in order to experience the same effects. But these medications can be beneficial when used for a short-term and under the guidance of a medical professional. Any long-term use of benzodiapines should be assessed by a doctor because when a user suddenly stops using these substances, this may lead to seizures.

As benzodiapines and barbiturates are highly addictive anxiolytic drugs, a lot of medical experts continue to seek other alternatives to these drugs with less possibility of causing addiction. A number of these medicines belong to the class of anti-depressants and serotonin reuptake inhibiter (SSRI) which includes Paxil and Zoloft. Many addiction recovery professionals say that these drugs are considered as beneficial for patients who have generalized anxiety disorder. Medical specialists who give SSRI’s should observe the person carefully especially when he has a mood disorder like bipolar I or II.

Moreover, anxiolytic medications can also be herbal preparations or remedies although most of these are not proven to be effective. These preparations include valerian, St. John’s Wart and chamomile. The anxiolytic treatment named as Kava has been found helpful in lowering anxiety. But the use of this herb should be overseen by a medical specialist because it is technically a medicine which is likely to interact with a person’s other medicines and conditions.

While the use of anxiolytic drugs is helpful in reducing anxiety, abusing it can lead to critical problems which include addiction. These medicines should be given under the guidance of a medical professional to prevent possible health issues.

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