Types Of Addiction Often Dealt With In Addiction Psychiatry

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The area in psychology that specifically addresses all types of dependency is termed as addiction psychiatry. This will treat sufferers who consistently display compulsive habits regardless of the physical and emotional destruction they have created to themselves, their family, friends and society. A few examples of the types of addiction that is often dealt with in addiction psychiatry are drugs, alcohol, gambling, internet and food.

Addiction psychiatrists may specialize on a particular type of treatment and target on a particular type of addiction to tailor their approach accordingly to every sufferer. They normally individualize the treatments to concentrate on every patient’s underlying problems. Generally, not all types of treatments may work on all types of addiction, so, addiction psychiatrists may also propose a combination of medications in dealing with addiction.

Drugs and alcohol addiction are specialties of professionals in addiction psychiatry. This may include dependency on illegal drugs, like cocaine, ecstasy and heroine. Addiction to legally prescribed medicines that include painkillers, stimulant drugs and anxiety medications is also dealt with in addiction psychiatry. Detoxing from alcohol is recommended for patients with serious case of alcoholism.To help patients recover from drug addiction professionals recommend typical medications such as inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation, counseling and prescription drugs that will cease withdrawal symptoms.

Patients with compulsive internet behavior are addressed with counseling that involves cognitive behavioral therapy by mental health workers. Although many people have debated for recognizing internet browsing as an addiction, medical experts continue to help sufferers with this type of problem. It is thought that any type of activity that interfere a person’s daily obligations can be considered as an addiction. Internet surfing addiction will also feed a person’s addiction to gambling with the availability of the games online.

Gambling addiction is said to be a disastrous addiction as this will extremely affect abusers financially. This is a specialized area in addiction psychiatry where special medications that will help the person’s uncontrollable compulsions to gamble are recommended by doctors. Cognitive behavioral therapy which is also use in drug addiction and part of the treatments for alcoholism to modify the responses of the| person, is also essential in dealing with gambling addiction.

Food addiction is also a specialized area in addiction psychiatry where patients are encouraged to seek treatment in inpatient rehabilitation facility and group or individual counseling. The typical problems involved in this type of dependency are blumia and anorexia nervosa. Blumia is a condition when an individual consumes foods more than what he needs causing him to vomit. Anorexia nervosa is a state when a person fails to consume enough calories that his body needs.

Addiction psychiatrist believed that most type of addictions cause many health complications. Addressing the issues as early as possible is necessary.

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