Understanding The Correct Use Of Amphetamine Salts-Based Drug

July 4, 2012 0 Comments

Adderall, an amphetamine salts-based drug, is a medicine used in curing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Narcolepsy and weight problems. It can only be used and bought with a doctor’s prescription. The effect of the medication to patients with ADHD is a feeling of peace and better concentration on learning. Many ADHD patients have learning issues due to inability to concentrate on one task for a period of time and extreme impulsiveness in decisions. Adderall inhibits appetite cravings and thus helps overweight patients lose weight. This drug aids narcoleptics, individuals who doze off even during daytime, be enthusiastic and alert for long hours. This drug is considered as a stimulant medicine. It means that it targets the human brain to produce substances that would enable one to have more concentration, attention and motivation.

For some reasons in addition to those stated earlier, the drug Adderall has been one of those commonly abused by many individuals specifically among young adults. This drug is usually referred to a “college crack” because university students use this drug to stimulate focus and memory retention in cramming for exams. This drug has been distributed among those who like to party and spend the night in discos and bars making this drug known as a party drug. The increased energy felt after intake of this drug, makes a lot of individuals addicted to this medication even if they are not given prescription to use it.

The abuse of this specific drug has reached alarming rates in the country. A survey was conducted among universities where many very competitive students are enrolled. It has been discovered that almost 25% of those students use this medicine to induce better performance in school. This drug has been sold secretly among university students at a very affordable price just like buying a cup of coffee. One imminent problem is that this medication can be addictive and poses greater risks to those who take it without doctor’s prescription. When addiction occurs, a need for adderall addiction treatment must be done in order to stop the devastating effects of this drug.

What are the signs and symptoms of addiction? How can one know that an individual is already an Adderall abuser? Adderall addiction symptoms include drug tolerance, aggression towards others just to use the drug, listlessness when unable to use the drug. Drug tolerance is a very common symptom of drug addiction. The standard dose taken no longer yields the same effect unless a bigger dose is used. Addicts are also aggressive and are often uneasy when they’re not using the drug. They’d go to extreme ways even by faking signs or symptoms or even stealing just to take the drugs. It is therefore reasonable that an information and awareness campaign should be done to stop the misuse and addiction of Adderall.

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