Useful Methods Of Avoiding Alcohol And Substance Abuse

June 23, 2012 0 Comments

When an individual suffers from alcohol or drug abuse, overcoming the condition is often difficult to do. But it’s easy to avoid the abuse before the person needs therapy in drug treatment centers.

The prevention of drugs and alcohol addiction will require the support of parents. Indeed, they need to come hand in hand with educators and the society in helping teens avoid the temptations of substance use and abuse.

Useful Prevention Methods

1. Considering the risk factors

People will abuse the substances because of some factors that include physical, psychological and social factors. When these risk factors are considered, parents or loved ones can take appropriate actions to help young people avoid the use of any substance. Some of the most common risk factors include irresponsible parenting, child neglect or abuse, drug abuse of caregivers, association with a group which abuses substances

2. Showing good parenting

As parents are the direct individuals who share the same lifestyles with their children, alcohol or drug addiction can be prevented at home. Parents should give a safe, loving and substance-free environment for their kids. The way parents treat their children will often determine the kind of behavior they will display.

You should give limit to the time you allow your child to go out with his friends and let him know about the risks of alcohol and drug use. You should know your child’s friends so you may have an idea as to what kind of people they’re.

3. Engaging in alcohol and drug awareness programs

These programs can be financed by either public or private establishments, schools or churches. They will educate the community on how substances can affect the life of every person especially the abusers.

Parents can bring their kids to halfway houses or homeless shelters to see real sufferers of substances and know how they struggle with their problems. They can also be allowed to talk to any of them as long as they are proven harmless.

4. Implementing alcohol and drug laws

The law of the land will make most people avoid drug or alcohol addiction because of their fear for punishments and prison times. In fact, there are laws which restrict corporations from selling alcohol to children.

Preventing old and young individuals from abusing drugs or alcohol can be possible through household and community initiatives. Drug Rehab programs will make men and women know that the substances will ruin their life.

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