Useful Tips for Body Odor Cure

July 20, 2012 0 Comments

By Alex Yew

A widely accepted fact by now is that unpleasant body odor, or bromhidrosis, is caused frequently due to excessive perspiration from the eccrine or apocrine sweat glands. Further this aggravates the growth of bacteria on the upper layer of your body or skin. When it comes in contact with the sweat due to chemical reactions it emits a bad body odor. There are various home methods easily available in your kitchen and bathroom to help you in overcoming this problem. Poor hygiene conditions, of course, is another reason for unpleasant smell or odor coming off the body. Dietary patterns are also one of the prominent factors.

After so much of discussion now the question is How to cure body odor? There have been several debates and researches conducted so far to get to the bottom of the problem, but factually there is no permanent solution to it because you are bound to sweat and bacteria on the body will generate the chemical reactions. Young men and women are prone to sweat more in comparison to the kids and elders. Bromhidrosis from the feet occurs when the thick, warm, sodden skin becomes a breeding ground for numerous bacteria. Eccrine bromhidrosis is a common occurrence in areas where skin contacts skin, especially between the thighs. It gets worse by obesity and diabetes. Lack of nutrients like Zinc is also a common cause for an unpleasant body odor.

Although there is remedy for body odor which can help you in reducing the foul smell coming from your body and over a period helps in developing healthy habits. Below mentioned are few easy to do things which if put into practise can help in reducing bad body odor:
– Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.Avoid aerated drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco completely; go for detoxifying your body on regular intervals.
– Bath or shower at least twice daily and in summers you could increase the count.
– Use a good anti-bacterial soap or body wash for better results.Keep your clothes in a dry area where no dampness can moist your clean clothes giving a breeding ground to bacteria.
– Decide a day in a week to go on non spicy, low fat fibrous diet preferably fruits and green veggies.
– Make exercising and walking an essential part of your daily regime, it will reap good benefits as and when you age.
– Add white vinegar or rose water in your bath tub to give a fresh feel post bath and also helps in reducing body odor.
– Make homemade deodorants and fragrances to avoid any chemical application on your skin for e.g. a herbal spray deodorant can be made by combining 5 drops of sage, coriander, and lavender essential oils with 2 ounces of distilled witch hazel. Remember to store it in the fridge and shake well before every use.
– Give nutritional supplements to curb body odor like vitamin A, vitamin-B complex, vitamin C and zinc.
– Parsley is a very good source of chlorophyll, which helps in reducing body odor, chewable tablets and gel is also available in the market if you don’t like it in raw form.

Finding a full and permanent cure for body odor is slightly tough because so far no medication has been found to curb this problem. This is because it depends on a lot of factors like heredity, menopause, low level of male hormones, gastrointestinal diseases, anxiety, depression etc. But with the help of few homemade remedies and healthy life style you can definitely overcome the embarrassment caused by the bad body odor.

Hi, this is Alex. I am keen in helping people who have body odor problem. As a sportman (who tends to sweat a lot after a game), I truly understand that you (people who have body odor) would like to find a cure for body odor as soon as possible (i had the same feeling as you).

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