Vitamins That Can Help You With Fertility

August 9, 2012 0 Comments

By Louise Collins

In the realm of natural and organic supplements, there are currently vitamins that can help with fertility but none that directly address it. Medications that claim to increase the chances of pregnancy often use invasive hormonal methods in order to do so. Vitamins and supplements, on the other hand, enhance the body’s functions in a natural way, increasing the conditions that might facilitate pregnancy. There is a big difference between the two.

If you are having troubles with fertility, it is a good idea to pinpoint any physical or hormonal problems that might be inhibiting your chances. There will most likely be a supplement or vitamin that can help your body in a gentle and natural way. Here are some of the fertility vitamins that can help facilitate pregnancy without harming the body’ normal functions.

Proper zinc levels are essential for fertility in both men and women. Zinc helps to balance the production of estrogen and progesterone, allowing the fetus to develop and grow in a healthy environment. Hormonal imbalances can decrease fertility levels while simultaneously increasing the likelihood of miscarriage. In men, zinc is directly tied to the quality and amount of sperm that is produced. If a man decreases his zinc intake, the likelihood of him developing subpar and effective sperm drastically increases. It is therefore very important that both women and men take zinc supplements when attempting to get pregnant.

Folic acid is important not only for fertility but also for fetal development. It helps with the production of genetic chromosomes that can ward off diseases like spina bifida and Down’s syndrome. Furthermore, it keeps the genetic codes in your baby intact, ensuring a healthy and trouble-free pregnancy.

When it comes to fertility, men can benefit from vitamins just as much as women. Vitamin C helps with the development of high quality and fully functioning sperm. It does this by improving the genetic integrity of the sperm, reducing the chances of chromosomal damage during conception. The healthier the sperm is, the better the fetus will develop and grow. It also helps that vitamin C enhances the sperm’s mobility, increasing the chances of conception.

When it comes to fertility vitamins, the three most effective ones are zinc, folic acid, and vitamin C. While there are other supplements that can also help with conception, these three are the foundation for any healthy pregnancy. Adding a few supplements on top of the three basic ones can ensure that your baby develops and grows to its full potential.

Louise Collins writes articles about health and fertility. If you are looking to find more information on how to increase your chances of getting pregnant take a look at this site to see how herbs and vitamins can increase your fertility.

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