Want To Know How To Conceive A Girl? Milk and Chocolate Is Your Answer

August 3, 2012 0 Comments

By Sophie K White

Do you know how to conceive a girl all depends on your lifestyle and diet? By simply altering your lifestyle with diet containing the right nutrients will increase your chances to conceive the gender of your choice.

If you want to know how to conceive a girl all you need to do is start with a simple diet plan by enriching your body with food that is high in Calcium and Magnesium as these minerals will attract the female sperms and maximizes your chances to have a baby girl.

Below are little known diet facts you should read:

To know how to conceive a girl, first you need to adopt Calcium into your diet. Calcium does not only maximize your chances to have a girl but it is also necessary to ensure you have strong bones, teeth and a healthy digestive system. Milk, cheese, yoghurt, tofu and green leafy vegetables are some examples of food with high calcium.

Another mineral that will increase your chances to how to conceive a girl is Magnesium. While this mineral increases your chance to have a baby girl, you need to be careful with your intake as too much of magnesium causes diarrhoea. The recommended intake of magnesium is about 400mg daily. Chocolate, oats, squash and pumpkin are some examples of food with magnesium.

To know how to conceive a girl, you need to enrich your daily meals with two of these minerals 6 weeks before and during your attempt to get pregnant as it gives your body enough time to absorb these nutrients. Plan your meals ahead and prevent unhealthy food. The next time you think of having that canned of processed foods or reaching out to the pack of cigarette, you need to think twice. Before you even learn how to conceive a girl, you must first understand that a healthy diet not only will increase the chances, it also maximizes your cervical mucus and minimizes any negative complication to the cervical mucus, you and your baby. Most importantly, it also determines the health of both you and your baby.

Keep in mind that this plan is not intended for you to rule out everything you love to eat, but is about enriching your eating habits with the right food. If the dishes that you love doesn’t contain any of the required ingredients then think about substituting them. While you get to have your favourite dish, you also get to enrich your body with more Calcium and Magnesium to help increase your chances to conceive a girl.

Now that you know how to conceive a girl with the above tips, you need to enjoy the journey and do get enthusiastic about your meals and food! Knowing that you are ultimately eating for your baby girl is truly a motivating process. It doesn’t need to be a hectic or daunting process, at the end of the day you are doing this for a reason and all it takes is just an effort to alter your diet 6 weeks prior to conceiving.

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