Way to Prevent Aging Signs

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Ageing is a natural process that one goes through. The natural clock in the body keeps functioning and eventually gives out signs of ageing. This process cannot be reversed. But the medical field has progressed so much that several surgical procedures are now in place that allows undoing the signs of ageing. The number of facelift procedures is increasing and it is becoming a common procedure. But one does not always have to resort to going under the knife to fight the signs of ageing.

There are several precautionary steps that can be taken to slow down the process of ageing. A lifestyle change has to be made if one wishes to keep away the ageing genes. If you are in the habit of consuming alcohol, especially liquor and beer you need to cut down on it or if possible abstain from it.

Alcohol affects the smooth functioning of the bodily functions and accelerates the ageing process. Cigarette smoking also has the same effect on the body. Vertical wrinkles appear at the corner of the mouth. This happens as we laugh, eat or talk and cannot be reversed completely. But the process can be slowed by applying a potent sunscreen and using wrinkle fighting cream that contain hyaluronic acid. This acid helps to plump up the fine lines. Another ingredient that helps in repairing the skin is madecassoside. This helps in rectifying any major damage that is done to the skin cells.

Another area that gets affected as you age is the lips. The lips starts looking thinner and loses its pink color as you age. The lips also start witnessing wrinkles. The main reason behind this is that the moisture levels in the lips drop considerably. The best way to restore fuller looking lips is to keep it moisturized at all times. A moisture rich lip balm will do the trick and fix this problem. There are several healing lip gloss that are available in the market and have excellent therapeutic qualities.

Hands are also subjected to ageing and this can be witnessed instantaneously. The hands are gripped by fine lines and scaly appearance. This indicates the lack of healthy cells. The most important thing is to apply skin peels that will help remove the dull and dead skin from the surface. This will facilitate new cell formation and will eventually give rise to healthy looking skin and the wrinkles and fine lines will also disappear.

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