What Are Pearly Penile Papules And Just How May They Be Cared For

August 7, 2012 0 Comments

By Wade Anders

Pearly penile papules are a condition which affects a large portion of men, starting with puberty. The first time a person sees his manhood invaded by little bumps, with fleshy texture and color he generally panics. It is hard for any man to realize that he’ll have to tolerate those bumps on their most precious possession for the rest of their life. It is not a Std, and it can show up in persons who have not yet had any sexual experience whatsoever. A lot of men find this condition to be among the worst genital disorders.

In the event you visit a doctor to make an effort to fix them, he will consider surgical methods. There’s no medicine that you can take (leastwise not now, who knows what the future might bring) or medical ointment you’ll be able to apply that will make the papules disappear. With surgery you risk (needless to say) pain and infection, recovery time, as well as the risk that something could go seriously wrong…I’ll leave it to your imagination, but it’s a bad thing. There are a couple of surgery-style things that might be performed to rid you of the pearly penile papules but the drawback with surgery is that it’s SURGERY! A Doc having a very sharp knife, or another tool, could be working away at an incredibly sensitive and delicate part of your body!!

(Grabbing for the Jack Daniels yet?)

They may decide to use anything from a CO2 laser, to a Hyfrecator, to cryogenics (freezing), to the surgeon’s knife. I REALLY advise that you choose to do your research before ever considering any of these options. Put the info you gather for each of them on a single notepad in columns, and compare their good and bad points, the disadvantages and the advantages.

Once they appear, the bumps have a very fleshy color and they look like a dome. At first, their number grows. For a few days or perhaps months, there’ll appear an increasing number of bumps, that will be located in one or maybe more rows about the upper section of the penile area. They are going to remain there for a long time. If they are not poked at, they will likely stay looking the same. If you pick at them, they may get infected and once the infection is healed the place will be scarred.

With time, the amount of bumps may drop for a time, after which they could re-appear, in the same quantity. However, with time, the bumps will diminish in number. There is also the chance of getting rid of this problem without you doing anything at all. However to have this take place, you’ll have to have patience and learn to tolerate this disorder, because if you aren’t treating it in any manner, years will have to pass before the condition will vanish forever on it’s own.

Despite the fact that the evolution of your pearly penile papules will eventually end up with their disappearance, they’re going to certainly mark the years of your youth and often will leave some scars in your mind. So, it is best to discover a cure which will let you have a clean and normal penile area again. You will find that there is no need for those risky operations: there are more, home-based treatments that involve over-the-counter ingredients, that (this may be the very best part) can be kept personal and private, and are reliable in ridding you forever from your pearly penile papules. You can find out tips on how to treat your pearly penile papules in a safe and effective way, at the least, this needs to be another option you ought to take a look at before you make a choice about ridding yourself of your pearly penile papules, especially if you will be looking at surgery

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