What Are Supersets

June 11, 2012 0 Comments

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There are basically two different kinds of supersets that you can do and they are isolated supersets and compound supersets. The isolated superset is when only one joint is used in doing the exercise for example bicep curls or triceps extensions.

Compound supersets are done when more than one joint is involved in the superset like shoulder-press or bench-press. Supersets can be planned to be done using a single body part or isolation movement followed immediately by a compound movement or vice versa.

When training arms and deciding to do supersets you are deciding to use more than one movement before the set is completed. This means that you are doing a set of say 8 reps of triceps extensions followed by 8 sets of bicep curls.

But this is only one way to do the supersets as the other way would be to do triceps exercises only and superset triceps extensions or close-grip bench-press with a triceps pushdown movement. This is all done when you are not breaking between changing the movements.

When moving quickly from one movement to another it is very important to make sure that the machine or weight that you are going to use is available otherwise it completely upset your superset routine. There are a couple of pre-exhaust exercises that one could do when doing supersets as well.

The objective when training supersets is intensity just like any other advanced training method it needs to be done by someone who has been training for at least a year. Reaching the kind of pre-exhaustion levels that is required when doing supersets is something that takes practice.

Pre-exhaust supersets are done usually when the isolation exercise is done first followed immediately by the compound movement. For example doing leg extensions followed immediately by doing squats. This means that the muscles being used for squatting will be mainly the gluteus and hamstrings as the quads have already exhausted themselves.

There are many different examples of the kinds of exercises or movements that can be done using supersets. Obviously this will depend on what your specific objective is. For example to lengthen the head of your bicep you could do a bicep curl without supination.

If you would like to know more about the different variations of the many different arm supersets that have been done by some of the greatest bodybuilders then you should spend some time in doing a bit of research. You will find that there are many different variations that you can try.

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