What Are The Common Skin Problems Of An Alcoholic Person?

July 3, 2012 0 Comments

A lot of people are consuming alcoholic drinks at this time and some consume excessively that can lead to disorders like irrational habits, hangover and danger. Too much consuming of alcohol also leads to long-term negativeeffects to the body like dependency on alcohol. One of the side effects of alcoholism involves skin dryness. Alcoholic drinks is a natural poison that can lead to skin dehydration when consumed over a period of time. When your skin is destroyed by the results of alcohol, it is susceptible to diseases and aging.

The addiction to alcohol side effects that should be known involves nausea, kidney trouble, hallucinations, fever and acute diarrhea. Most alcoholic beverages, like liquors and beers have zero calories. This means, that they have no nutritional value that can provide to the body and can add add weight. Weight gain is not good to the body because it expands the skin, can damage blood flow.

Alcohol is a commonly dehydrating drug that can result skin to unwanted wrinkling. Even those people who drink alcohol occassionaly are also afflicted if they do not consume much water to be able to normalize their skin dehydration that they obtain from alcohol. Because of skin dehydration, aging is mostly noticed to people who drink a lot of alcohol.

The other extended outcome of alcoholic drinks on the body is cancer of the skin. Cancer of the skin cases normally related to alcohol usage. The possibilities of getting this type of deadly illness usually double if you ingest a lot of alcoholic drinks. This is because people who consume excessive alcoholic drinks often spend time under the sun to enjoy their drinking session. These people who drink alcohol under the sun are expose to UV rays of the sun that can cause cancer to progress and can cause loss of life afterwards.

Usually, Alcoholic peoplepersons usually experience inflammation in their extremities and this is called thread veins. Thread veins often appears when the capillaries enlarge beneath the skin that has a purple color and a wormlike form. This is commonly seen around the nose of the alcoholic persons, which is also called drinker’s nose.

There are also addiction to alcohol signs such as abnormal yellowing of the skin. This is due to the truth that alcohol can damage the liver and other primary organs of the body like heart and lungs. If a person is addicted to alcoholic drinks, he will suffer from jaundice because his liver could not filter the toxins from his body. These waste products are being kept in the skin that can cause skin deterioration.

When an individual feel these long-term bad effects from alcohol, he may contact his medical professional so that these extended negative effects can be managed right away. The right thing that an individual should do to keep him from harmful effects of alcohol, is to quit drinking alcohol.

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